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YADDO (poem, Issue 60)  Shelley Stenhouse
YARROW CHARM (poem, Issue 25)  Thomas Dillon Redshaw
YAY POEM (poem, Issue 3)  John Pauker
YEARS (poem, Issue 47)  Bill Shields
YELLOW MORNING (poem, Issue 61)  Alyssa Purdy
YESTERDAY I FED THE FISH (poem, Issue 25)  Joel Rudinger
Yevtushenko Tribute (essay, Issue 10)  William Packard
Yevtushenko Tribute (essay-subject, Issue 10)  Yevgeny Yevtushenko
YO/I (poem, Issue 65)  Carol Hamilton
York Type New York (cover, Issue 17)  Sy Lemler
YOU (poem, Issue 28)  Kirsten Wasson
YOU (poem, Issue 44)  Kirsten Wasson
YOU APPROACH HER (poem, Issue 31)  Sanford Fraser
YOU GO FIRST (poem, Issue 47)  Michael Fanelli
YOU HAVE BEEN HERE (poem, Issue 61)  Iris Lee
YOU PUSSY (poem, Issue 34)  Candy Graybill
YOU RETURN (poem, Issue 46)  Oren Izenberg
YOU SHOULD'VE HAD MORE (poem, Issue 62)  Peter Arcese
YOU WEAR YOUR SADNESS (poem, Issue 20)  Jane Snyder
YOU'RE OUT (poem, Issue 53)  Charles Bukowski
YOU'RE THE CENTER (poem, Issue 30)  Rupert N. Sterling
YOU, ME, MY MOM, MY DAD (poem, Issue 62)  Christopher Goodrich
YOUR GLANCE WILL TRIP ON (poem, Issue 48)  Liubov Sirota
YOUR HEART SKID (poem, Issue 31)  Rita Chabot
YOUR LEGS (poem, Issue 40)  Judson Crews
YOUR LOVER IS TOO YOUNG (poem, Issue 54)  Lynne Savitt
YOUR POETRY'S NO GOOD (poem, Issue 39)   Antler
YOUR TOWN (poem, Issue 61)  Douglas Goetsch
YOURS IS MY NIGHTMARE (poem, Issue 52)  Donald Lev
YOUTH TO SPRING (poem, Issue 15)  Jesse Stuart
YULETIDE WHISKEY JOINT (poem, Issue 61)  Phillip Henry Christopher