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VAGRANCY I (poem, Issue 41)  Michele Scarff
VAGUELY CATHOLIC EVENT (poem, Issue 6)  Michael Horovitz
VALENTINE (poem, Issue 35)  Edward Gold
VALENTINE (poem, Issue 66)  Jennifer Sullivan
VAN GOGH'S OTHER DEATH (poem, Issue 66)  Hosho McCreesh
VANESSA BELL (poem, Issue 65)  Gerald Locklin
VARADERO ELEGY (poem, Issue 23)  David Arthur McMurray
VARIATION ON 7 QUESTIONS (poem, Issue 12)  Ron Jackson
VARIATIONS (poem, Issue 22)  Samuel Reifler
VARIATIONS ON A THEME (poem, Issue 18)  John Romano
VARIATIONS ON A THEME (poem, Issue 23)  Marjorie Finnell
VARIATIONS ON THE HEART (poem, Issue 22)  Walt-Christopher Stickney
VEAL (poem, Issue 36)  Jane Mayhall
VENOM (poem, Issue 64)  Joseph Heithaus
VENUS FLY TRAP (poem, Issue 57)  Linda Yen
VENUSES (poem, Issue 29)  Gerald J. Butler
VERDUN (poem, Issue 15)  Claire McAllister
VERMONT ARCH (poem, Issue 14)  Miriam Andrews
VERMONT SILENCE (poem, Issue 32)  Rudolf Wittenberg
VERSION FROM THE GREEK (poem, Issue 33)  Michael Fournier
VERY RED (poem, Issue 51)  Joyce Hellew
VERY SICK PEOPLE (poem, Issue 56)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
VICTIMS (poem, Issue 49)  Tony Gloeggler
VICTORIAN SERENADE (poem, Issue 28)  Peter Viereck
VIET HAIKUS (poem, Issue 47)  B. D. Trail
VIETNAM IN THE HISTORY TEXT BOOKS (poem, Issue 53)  Lyn Lifshin
VIEW OF A PAIR (poem, Issue 65)  David James
VIGNETTES (poem, Issue 20)  Richard Eberhart
VIOLENCE (poem, Issue 63)  F. D. Reeve
VIOLENCE: A REPORT ON THE MEDIA (poem, Issue 3)  William Stafford
VIOLENT DYING (poem, Issue 7)  Leo Connellan
VIRGIL TO DANTE (poem, Issue 52)  William Packard
VISIONS AND PROPHECIES (poem, Issue 22)  Krandall Kraus
VISITATION (poem, Issue 46)  R. Yurman
VISITING AN OLD LOVER (poem, Issue 65)  Dave Church
VISITING MY CONEY ISLAND HOME (poem, Issue 65)  Iris Lee
VISITOR'S DAY (poem, Issue 49)  Edmund Pennant
VOICE FROM THE ASYLUM (poem, Issue 34)  Michael Swift
VOICEOVER (poem, Issue 51)  George Witte
VOLUPTUOUS GLOOM (poem, Issue 64)  Oren Wagner
VOYEURISM (poem, Issue 34)  John Lee Hall