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UH, DIDN'T YOU GET THE MEMO? (poem, Issue 64)  Michael Montlack
ULYSSES (poem, Issue 55)  Emanuel diPasquale
UNCERTAIN CRUISING ALTITUDES (poem, Issue 62)  Urayoán Noel
UNCLE OOL'S SONG (poem, Issue 5)  X. J. Kennedy
UNCLE SEAGRAM (poem, Issue 51)  Gwendolyn Brooks
UNDER THAT BRIDGE (poem, Issue 64) (Read Online) Jayne Lyn Stahl
UNDER THE AUGUST WIND (poem, Issue 17)  Jesse Stuart
UNFINISHED BUSINESS (poem, Issue 48)  Patricia Farewell
UNIVERSITY AVE. (poem, Issue 46)  Nancy Lea Gorham
UNLEADED (poem, Issue 23)  Charles Bukowski
UNLEASHING THE URGE (poem, Issue 58)  Timothy Monaghan
UNLESS HE CUTS HER TONGUE OUT (poem, Issue 58)  June Magrab
UNTITLED (poem, Issue 5)  John Clarence Chinn
Untitled (cover, Issue 15)  Joan Miro
Untitled (cover, Issue 19)  John Urbain
Untitled (cover, Issue 23)  Pierre Clerk
Untitled (cover, Issue 25)  John Urbain
UNTITLED (poem, Issue 64)  Cathy McCabe
Untitled (poem on cover) (poem, Issue 7)  Eli Siegel
UNTITLED LIFE (poem, Issue 9)  Lucille Medwick
Untitled Photo (cover, Issue 26)  William Packard
Untitled Photo (cover, Issue 28)  William Packard
Untitled Photo (cover, Issue 60)  William Packard
Untitled, excerpts from five NYQ ethnic articles by Lucille Medwick (cover, Issue 9)   Artini
Untitled, from collection of Dr. Malcolm Holms (cover, Issue 2)  Willard Bond
Untitled, original painting for NYQ (cover, Issue 5)  Mark Wyler
Untitled, poem by Eli Siegel (cover, Issue 7)  Willard Bond
Untitled, silk screen print (cover, Issue 16)  Pierre Clerk
Untitled, woodcut (cover, Issue 22)  Carl Hecker
UNTOWARDS (poem, Issue 9)  Hugh Seidman
UNWISE PURCHASES (poem, Issue 64)  George Bilgere
UNWRITTEN POEM (poem, Issue 19)  William Mundell
UPBRAID?? (poem, Issue 57)   Antler
UPSTATE JANUARY (poem, Issue 37)  Lyn Lifshin
UPTOWN TRAIN (poem, Issue 57)  Ethan Gilsdorf
URBAN BIRD LIFE (poem, Issue 63)  Iris Lee
USA 1977 (poem, Issue 24)  Kostas Myrsiades
USELESS PASSIONS (poem, Issue 34)  Thomas McGrath
UTOPIA (poem, Issue 48)  Ann Chernow