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T. S. ELIOT (poem, Issue 56)  Nicholas Pastrone
TABULA RASA (poem, Issue 65)  Elisavietta Ritchie
TAILORING (poem, Issue 28)  Mark Reinsberg
TAKE ME FOR HIM (poem, Issue 58)  Sanford Fraser
TAKE OVET THE PTL CLUB (poem, Issue 35)  Lyn Lifshin
TAKE YOUR AVERAGE GUY (poem, Issue 63)  Mark Weber
TALK AMERICAN (poem, Issue 48)  Sylvester Pollet
TALK OF CRAFTING (poem, Issue 11)  Will Inman
TALK WITH WILL TOBEY (poem, Issue 20)  William Mundell
TALKIN 88 (poem, Issue 6)  Thomas Schuneman
TALKING SHOP (poem, Issue 62)  Jud Wolfskill
TALKING TO MY SON (poem, Issue 28)  Jared Smith
TARAKO-CHA (poem, Issue 17)  George Behrman
TASTE (poem, Issue 64)  Stephen Cramer
TATTERED TRADE PAPERBACK (poem, Issue 46)  Joe Lackey
TEA TIME (poem, Issue 35)  Peter Morris
TEACHER OF THE YEAR (poem, Issue 38)  Herb Kitson
TEACHER'S MEETING, CHRISTMAS 1996 (poem, Issue 59)  Laura Treacy Bentley
Teaching of Poetry (editorial, Issue 37)  William Packard
Technique (editorial, Issue 38)  William Packard
TELEGRAM (poem, Issue 34) (Read Online) Anne-Marie Levine
TELL THE JUDGE (poem, Issue 35)   Antler
TELLING ALL (poem, Issue 66)  Peter Desy
TEN PENNY HIGH (poem, Issue 61)  Jim Reese
TENDENCY (poem, Issue 64)  Jason Tandon
TENNYSON WAS A REAL POET (poem, Issue 34)  Patrick Worth Gray
TERAPHIM (poem, Issue 8)  James Boyer May
TERMINAL DATA (poem, Issue 29)  Elisavietta Ritchie
TERRA IRREDENTA (poem, Issue 4)  Elisavietta Ritchie
TERROR IS FOR WHAT YOU ARE (poem, Issue 6)  Eli Siegel
TERRORISM (poem, Issue 61)  Hawa Allan
Test Poem (poem, Issue 63) (Read Online) Example Page
TESTIMONIES (poem, Issue 57)  James Broughton
TESTING, TESTING (poem, Issue 18)  Robert Hoeft
TESTS (poem, Issue 64)  Daniel J. Langton
THANK YOU (poem, Issue 43)  Norman Stock
Thanks for Staying, by Kenneth Patchen, figures from Hurrah For Anything courtesy New Directions (design, Issue 11)  John Urbain
Thanks for Staying, figures from Hurrah For Anything courtesy New Directions, design by John Urbain (cover, Issue 11)  Kenneth Patchen
THANKSGIVING (poem, Issue 22)  Steve Hassett
THAT BIG NICE GIRL (poem, Issue 24)  Charles Bukowski
THAT CHINAMAN DID RIGHT (poem, Issue 21)  Charles Bukowski
THAT DAY IN OPPENHEIM (poem, Issue 62)  Stephen Herz
THAT FURTHER HILL (poem, Issue 31)  Macdonald Carey
THAT WAS THE WAY (poem, Issue 5)  Arthur Levin
THAT WINTER (poem, Issue 37)  Robert Sargent
THE $100 STREET PERSON (poem, Issue 44)  Leo Connellan
THE 99TH PERCENTILE (poem, Issue 47)  Alison Stone
THE ABC OF READING (poem, Issue 19)  Norman Stock
THE ABORTION (poem, Issue 9)  A. A. Dewey
THE ABORTION (poem, Issue 28)  Pamela Laskin
The Abstract Poetry Movement (essay, Issue 51)  Lewis Turco
THE ACCOMPLICE (poem, Issue 44)  Tracey Simon
The Afro-American Poet in NY (essay, Issue 6)  Lucille Medwick
THE AGING STUD (poem, Issue 25)  Elizabeth Patton
THE ALCHEMIST (poem, Issue 57)  Heather Derr Smith
THE ALCOHOLICS (poem, Issue 23)  Terry W. Brown
THE ALLIANCE (poem, Issue 47)  Fritz Hamilton
THE AMERICAN DREAM (poem, Issue 11)  Paul Roche
The American Experience (editorial, Issue 14)  William Packard