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SACRED HEART (poem, Issue 18)  Robert Carney
SACRED PLACES (poem, Issue 22)  Bai Inman
SAILING UP YOUR YELLOW RIVER (poem, Issue 18)  Charles Bukowski
SAILOR ABOVE AND BELOW ROVER (poem, Issue 33)  Anna Adams
SALEM, SALEM! (poem, Issue 11)  Jean Balderston
SALMO #2 (poem, Issue 20)  Sister Pam Smith
SALMO #8 (poem, Issue 14)  Sister Pam Smith
SAN FRANCISCO (poem, Issue 20)  Frank Decker
SANCTUARY (poem, Issue 37)  Harold Witt
SAND (poem, Issue 63)  Janusz Czubakowski
SANTE PRISON (poem, Issue 27)  Patricia O'Callaghan
SAPPHO FRAGMENTS (poem, Issue 58)  Peter Arcese
SAPPHO RAP (poem, Issue 24)  Elisabeth M. Evans
SARAH (poem, Issue 8)  Paul Smyth
SARAH (poem, Issue 53)  Bethany Saltman
SARDINE (poem, Issue 11)  Donald Lev
SATURDAY LIST (poem, Issue 8)  Mary Ferrari
SATURDAY NIGHT (poem, Issue 12)  James Baker Hall
SATURDAY NIGHT DESPERATE (poem, Issue 60)  Don Winter
Savanarola (editorial, Issue 44)  William Packard
SAW MYSELF RIDING (poem, Issue 13)  Carl Matney
SAY SIMPLY A KIND OF PERFECTION (poem, Issue 11)  Michael Harlow
SCAPEGOAT (poem, Issue 32)  Vanessa Haley
SCARECROW (poem, Issue 53)  Daniel Zimmerman
SCARS (poem, Issue 27)  Stephen Stepanchev
SCHOOL (poem, Issue 51)  Lisa Palma
SCIENCE CLASS (poem, Issue 45)  Serena Siegfried
Scientific Thought and Poetic Vision (essay, Issue 62)  Jared Smith
SCOTT JOPLIN 1868-1917 (poem, Issue 25)  Marc J. Sheehan
SCOTT NEARING (poem, Issue 27)  Richard Eberhart
Scott Odom Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  Scott Odom
Scott Odom Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  Seth Cosimini
SEA MONKEYS (poem, Issue 61)  Sommer Browning
SEA ROSES AND BLUE SHADOWS (poem, Issue 11)  Barbara Gordon Paine
SEA WATER BALLAD (poem, Issue 45)  Joel Zeltzer
SEALS OFF SHORE IN MAINE (poem, Issue 4)  Robert Bly
SEARCHING/NOT SEARCHING (poem, Issue 12)  Muriel Rukeyser
SEASIDE HEIGHTS (poem, Issue 65)  William Baer, Jr.
SEAVIEW (poem, Issue 30)  William Stafford
Second Annual Listing of Poetry Magazines (essay, Issue 8)  Elizabeth Yazzetti
SECOND NATURE (poem, Issue 11)  Diana Chang
SECTION V., NO. 17 (poem, Issue 20)  Jean Balderston
SECURITY (poem, Issue 11)  RobertOh Faber
SECURITY (poem, Issue 58)  Kevin Keck
SEDUCTION (poem, Issue 48)  Thomas Rockwell
SEE THIS PILL (poem, Issue 41)  April Lahar
SEE, SAW, SCENE (poem, Issue 56)  Joyce Ransom
SEEING AMERICA FIRST (poem, Issue 21)  Donald Lev
SEEING THE CONNECTION (poem, Issue 43)  Lyn Lifshin
SEEING THE DOCUMENTARY (poem, Issue 34)  Lyn Lifshin
SEEKING IODINE (poem, Issue 30)  Michael Brady
SEEN (poem, Issue 66)  Mark Wisniewski
SEIZE THE MOMENT (poem, Issue 60)  Charles Bukowski
SELF PROTRAIT (poem, Issue 47)  Victoria McCabe
Self Publishing (editorial, Issue 21)  William Packard
SELF-CRITICISM MEANS (poem, Issue 36)  Charles Bukowski
SELF-PORTRAIT (poem, Issue 20)  Erica Jong
Self-Portrait Sketch of Gene Fowler (artwork, Issue 63)  Gene Fowler
SELLING TICKETS (poem, Issue 40)  J. J. King