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R & R (poem, Issue 25)  Albert Santoli
RABBIT (poem, Issue 54)  Anne Trumbore
RACHMANINOFF (poem, Issue 44)  Michael Moriarty
RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL VIEWING HAIKU (poem, Issue 1)  Manuchehr Sassoonian
RAGE (poem, Issue 58)  Susanne R. Bowers
RAILROAD SPIKE (poem, Issue 53)  Michael Estabrook
RAIN (poem, Issue 1)  Thomas Victor
RAIN (poem, Issue 25)  MacDonnell Gordon
RAIN (poem, Issue 49)  Steve Kowit
RAIN POEM (poem, Issue 53)  Tony Gloeggler
RAINBOW FAMILY (poem, Issue 49)  Jim Harris
RANDOM THOUGHTS (poem, Issue 33)  Mildred Cavallo
RANIEK DEFINED (poem, Issue 63)  Raniek R. Wilson
RAPE (poem, Issue 11)  Morty Sklar
RAPING A WOMAN (poem, Issue 54)  Lorie Allred
RAT RACE (poem, Issue 57)  Bob Slaymaker
RATTLER (poem, Issue 60)  William Baer, Jr.
RAW (poem, Issue 63)  Don Winter
RAW HEAVEN RIDE (poem, Issue 62)  Gael Miller Correa
RAYMOND LIVAUDAIS TALKS ABOUT FAITH (poem, Issue 59)  Christopher Tusa
REACHING FOR HER BRA (poem, Issue 61)  William Meyer, Jr.
READING HIS JOURNAL (poem, Issue 56)  Lolalee Walker
READINGS (poem, Issue 28)  Dion Pincus
READY FOR SPRING (poem, Issue 46)  David Gelsanliter
REALITY: SAMPLES (poem, Issue 1)  Eli Siegel
REASONS FOR STAYING (poem, Issue 3)  G. S. Sharat Chandra
REBECCA NURSE (poem, Issue 27)  Constance Carrier
REBIRTH (poem, Issue 38)  Lisa Palma
RECALLING MY GRANDMOTHER (poem, Issue 2)  Susan Wecker
RECEPTION (poem, Issue 65)  Eric Gansworth
RECIPE (poem, Issue 21)  Elisavietta Ritchie
RECORDS (poem, Issue 18)  Norman Stock
RED BERRIES MOON (poem, Issue 9)  Duane Niatum
RED DOGS (poem, Issue 9)  Michael Newman
REDNECK GUIDE (poem, Issue 32)  Malcolm Glass
REFLECTIONS (poem, Issue 29)  A. D. Winans
REFORM SCHOOL (poem, Issue 10)  James Lewisohn
REGINA EINHORN (poem, Issue 65) (Read Online) Ted Jonathan
REGRETS (poem, Issue 66)  R. A. Allen
REJECTION QUILT (poem, Issue 33)  Robert Miltner
RELATIONS (poem, Issue 30)  Patricia Farewell
RELIEF (poem, Issue 17)  Richard Hugo
RELIGION (poem, Issue 51)  Gwendolyn Brooks
REMARKS FROM MY DESK (poem, Issue 19)  Louis Ginsberg
REMEMBERING (poem, Issue 6)  Michael Horovitz
REMEMBERING (poem, Issue 13)  Michael Crawford
REMEMBERING A BREAT BEAR (poem, Issue 46)  James Broughton
REMEMBERING A LETTER (poem, Issue 61)  Melinda Thomsen
REMEMBERING GRANDMA (poem, Issue 65)  Naomi Levine
REMEMBERING JAMES DICKEY (poem, Issue 61)  Franz Douskey
REMINISCENCE (poem, Issue 34)  Donald Lev
REMNANTS OF 1977 (poem, Issue 66)  J. R. Kangas
REMODELING (poem, Issue 31)  Carol Jennings
REPLACEMENTS (poem, Issue 34)  Charles Bukowski
REQUIEM (poem, Issue 9)  Lucille Medwick
REQUIEM -- AUSCHWITZ (poem, Issue 33)  Judy Light Ayyildiz
REQUIEM FOR A POODLE (poem, Issue 15)  Miriam Andrews
RESCUE ON LAKE ANNE (poem, Issue 25)  Phillip McCaffrey
RESULTS (poem, Issue 20)  Joseph Bruchac