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PACEMAKER (poem, Issue 31)  James Lewisohn
PADDY (poem, Issue 35)  Anna Adams
PAIN POEM (poem, Issue 55)  William Packard
PALATION (poem, Issue 56)  Bruce Ducker
PALEY PARK (poem, Issue 6)  Frank T. Crohn
PAMELA MANY WOUNDS (poem, Issue 52)  Arthur Winfield Knight
PANEQUE (poem, Issue 46)  James Weil
PANIC ATTACK AT 2:17 AM (poem, Issue 65)  Liz Kicak
PANTOUM (poem, Issue 14)  Dorsha Hayes
PANTOUM (poem, Issue 22)  Steven Rea
PAPYROPHOBIA (poem, Issue 50)  Lewis Turco
PARABLE (poem, Issue 35)  Macdonald Carey
PARABLE (poem, Issue 37)  Paul Genega
PARADE (poem, Issue 47)  Richard Long
Paradise Lost, number 3 of series of 7 (cover, Issue 3)  Donald Jay Saff
PARENTHETICALS OF PLACE (poem, Issue 65)  Caroline Conway
Part I - Meeting William Packard (editorial, Issue 63)  Raymond Hammond
Part II - My Time with William Packard  (editorial, Issue 64)  Raymond Hammond
Part III - William Packard: Onward (editorial, Issue 65)  Raymond Hammond
PARTOOK (poem, Issue 56)  Thomas Rockwell
PASSAGES FROM HER JOURNAL (poem, Issue 38)  Beth Lynn Kaplan
PASSERSBY (poem, Issue 66)  Sanford Fraser
PASSIONS OF A MAN (poem, Issue 53)  Charles O'Hay
PAST TENSE (poem, Issue 16) (Read Online) Jayne Lyn Stahl
PASTORAL LETTER (poem, Issue 44)  Elisavietta Ritchie
PASTORAL LETTER (poem, Issue 51)  Elisavietta Ritchie
Pat Farewell walking along roadway by Hudson River in western Westchester (cover, Issue 52)  William Packard
Pat Farewell walking along roadway by Hudson River in western Westchester (photo, Issue 52)  Patricia Farewell
PAT GARRETT: APPLES (poem, Issue 46)  Arthur Winfield Knight
Path leading up to Round Top at the Northfield Schools in East Northfield, Massachusetts (cover, Issue 32)  William Packard
PAUL ROBESON AND OLD DADDY (poem, Issue 21)  Ronald Crowe
PEACE AND LOVE (poem, Issue 31)  Charles Bukowski
PEASANT WEDDING (poem, Issue 57)  Tom Chandler
PEDOPHILE, CIRCA 1962 (poem, Issue 58)  Rosemary Nordstrom
PENALTY (poem, Issue 45)  Nancy Shiffrin
PENELOPE'S DREAM (poem, Issue 66)  Tony Demarest
PENELOPE'S NEEDLE (poem, Issue 63)  Tony Demarest
PENN STATION NEW YORK CITY (poem, Issue 64)  Pat Schneider
PENUMBRA TRIPTYCH (poem, Issue 5)  Charles Levendosky
PERCEPTION OF ANCESTORS (poem, Issue 18)  Lola Haskins
PERFECT (poem, Issue 63)  Michael Salcman
PERFECT WIFE (poem, Issue 15)  Fritz Hamilton
PERHAPS DAVID DID NOT PLAY TO SAUL (poem, Issue 23)  Andrew Harvey
PERHAPS IAGOLY (poem, Issue 58)  Thomas Rockwell
PERMUATATIONS (poem, Issue 40)  John R. Deitrick
PERSEPHONE (poem, Issue 28)  Enid Dame
PERSONALITY PARADE (poem, Issue 27)  Steve Kowit
PERSPICACIOUS (poem, Issue 47)  Robert Greenfield
PHINEAS TAYLOR BARNUM (poem, Issue 53)  David Lawson
Photgraph of Alison Stone (photo, Issue 54)  Alison Stone
Photograph of Adrienne Rich (photographer, Issue 3)  Thomas Victor
Photograph of Adrienne Rich (photo, Issue 3)  Adrianne Rich
Photograph of Aline Wolff (photographer, Issue 14)  Layle Silbert
Photograph of Aline Wolff (photo, Issue 14)  Aline Wolff
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photo, Issue 6)  Allen Ginsberg
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photo, Issue 6)  Allen Ginsberg
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photo, Issue 6)  Allen Ginsberg
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photographer, Issue 13)  Layle Silbert
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photo, Issue 13)  Allen Ginsberg
Photograph of Allen Ginsberg (photo, Issue 24)  Allen Ginsberg