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NAM NIGHTMARES (poem, Issue 48)  Bill Shields
NAMES (poem, Issue 18)  James Lewisohn
NAMING (poem, Issue 45)  Joan Seliger Sidney
NARCISSUS (poem, Issue 40)  Andrew Harvey
Narrative Poetry: The Round Earth Under (essay, Issue 13)  John Williams Andrews
National Endowments (editorial, Issue 19)  William Packard
Native American Poetry (editorial, Issue 42)  William Packard
NATIVES (poem, Issue 65)  Anne Elliott
NATURE (poem, Issue 32)  Andrew Glaze
NEAR GRAVE'S CREEK, WASHINGTON (poem, Issue 63)  Jess Edwards
NEAR MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN (poem, Issue 22)  Dave Smith
NECESSITY OF THE SOUND OF BELLS (poem, Issue 22)  Eli Siegel
NECKTIE (poem, Issue 27)  Bryanne Nanfito
NECROPOLIS IN METROPOLIS (poem, Issue 36)   Antler
NEIGHBORHOOD BARS (poem, Issue 49)  Wayne Rittenhouse
NEITH (poem, Issue 14)  Harold Sundt
NERO (poem, Issue 13)  Tanikawa Shuntaro
NERO (translator, Issue 13)  Harold P. Wright
NERVOUS (poem, Issue 28)  Janet Cannon
NESTLÉ'S QUICK (poem, Issue 5)  Ron Padgett
NEUKEIA POEM (poem, Issue 58)  William Packard
NEVER AGAIN (poem, Issue 39)  Richard Eberhart
NEW BEDFORD (poem, Issue 66)  Karina Borowicz
NEW COIN OF THE REALM (poem, Issue 56)  Jay Marvin
NEW FOUND LAND (poem, Issue 25)  Van Thi Van
NEW HAVEN 1969 (poem, Issue 56)  Honor Moore
NEW HAVEN SYMPHONY SUPPLEMENT (poem, Issue 57)  Vivian Shipley-Jokl
NEW JERSEY SHORE (poem, Issue 1)  Ronald Hobbs
NEW JERUSALEM'S THANKSGIVING (poem, Issue 49)  Stephen Hale Kirkpatrick
NEW MOTHER (poem, Issue 60)  Douglas Goetsch
NEW WESTERNS (poem, Issue 57)  Robert Vivian
NEW WINDOWS (poem, Issue 30)  David Cope
NEW WOMAN (poem, Issue 48)  David Gelsanliter
NEW WORDS (poem, Issue 36)  Jim Daniels
NEW YORK CITY SESTINA (poem, Issue 64)  Urayoán Noel
NEW YORK GIRL IN SUMMER (poem, Issue 66)  Llyn Clague
NEW YORK SUMMER LUNCHTIME (poem, Issue 13)  Arthur Vogelsang
NEW YORK TENANTS (poem, Issue 55)  Patricia Covey
NEW YORK TENNANTS (poem, Issue 57)  Patricia Covey
NEWARK (poem, Issue 11)  Madeline Bass
NEWS (poem, Issue 3)  Jill Hoffman
NEWS (poem, Issue 19)  Helen Chasin
NEWSREEL (poem, Issue 22)  Jonathan Holder
NEWSWORTHY (poem, Issue 3)  Irving Benig
NICANOR PARRA TRANSLATION (poem, Issue 46)  Joel Zeltzer
NICOLETTE (poem, Issue 41)  Lyn Lifshin
NIELS BOHR (poem, Issue 28)  Robert Wilkinson
Nifty blue tent (cover, Issue 55)  William Packard
NIGHT (poem, Issue 2)  John Hall Wheelock
NIGHT CATCHING UP (poem, Issue 18)  Jeff Wanshel
NIGHT CIRCUS (poem, Issue 32)  Sandra Storey
NIGHT GARDEN (poem, Issue 15)  Ira Wallach
NIGHT JAZZ (poem, Issue 9)  Tanikawa Shuntaro
NIGHT ON THE TOWN, ALONE (poem, Issue 58)  Charles Bukowski
NIGHT OUT (poem, Issue 8)  Norman Rosten
NIGHT POEM (poem, Issue 15)  Linda Krenis
NIGHT SEWING (poem, Issue 32)  William Thompson
NIGHTCRAWLERS (poem, Issue 13)  George Behrman
NIGHTHAVANA (poem, Issue 58)  Linda Tieber
NIGHTS (poem, Issue 64)  Katherine M. Hedeen