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L'IMPRESSION DE DEGAS (poem, Issue 47)  Yoon Sik Kim
LADIES WHO LUNCH... (poem, Issue 64)  Maria Lisella
LADY DORRANCE (poem, Issue 52)  Sandra Moran
LAKE ALICE (translation of Albrecht's DE LACU ALICIAE) (poem/translation, Issue 41)  John Siman
LAMENT (poem, Issue 61)  Chris Tonelli
LAMENT FOR FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA (poem, Issue 3)  Leo Connellan
LAMENT FOR THE JEWS AT MUNICH (poem, Issue 20)  Leo Connellan
LANDFALL (poem, Issue 63)  Fred Johnston
LANDSCAPE IN GRAYS (poem, Issue 23)  Harry Smith
Language in Poetry (editorial, Issue 61)  Raymond Hammond
Laotse and the Tao (editorial, Issue 18)  William Packard
Laotse, verso print of wood engraving (cover, Issue 51)  Fritz Eichenberg
Laotse, wood engraving (cover, Issue 18)  Fritz Eichenberg
LAST JITNEY TO BAY STREET (poem, Issue 22)  Lavonne Mueller
LAST NIGHT (poem, Issue 66)  Corrine De Winter
LAST RITE (poem, Issue 58)  Pablo Medina
LAST VISION OF CHILDHOOD (poem, Issue 23)  Ann Robinson
LATE BUT! ONE FOR EZRA (poem, Issue 39)  Desmond Egan
LATE NEWS (poem, Issue 47)  Carolyn Slapikas
LATE NIGHT RADIO (poem, Issue 62)  Kurt Brown
LATE TALK (poem, Issue 25)  Jerry McGuire
LAUGH LIBRARY (poem, Issue 15)  Charles Bukowski
LAUGHING AFTER LOVE (poem, Issue 6)  Peter Klappert
LAUGHING MATTER (poem, Issue 43)  James Broughton
LAUREL (poem, Issue 55)  Thomas Rockwell
Lavender Wheel (cover, Issue 1)  Alice Baber
LAW (poem, Issue 10)  Charles Bukowski
LAWNMOWERS I HAVE OWNED (poem, Issue 34)  Sanford Fraser
LAZARUS (poem, Issue 52)  James Lineberger
LE CIRQUE (poem, Issue 59)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
LEADING THE BLIND (poem, Issue 46)  Judy Stedman
LEAFLETS (poem, Issue 9)  Arthur Levin
LEANING BACK (poem, Issue 51)  Tony Gloeggler
LEAP, FROG, (poem, Issue 65)  Trey Conatser
LEAR (poem, Issue 59)  Taylor Graham
LEARNING THE PRICE (poem, Issue 58)  Clarence M. Davis
LEARNING TO SHOOT (poem, Issue 41)  Robert Lewis Weeks
LEARNING/FOREPLAY (poem, Issue 33)  Richard Kostelanetz
LEAVING THE CLINIC (poem, Issue 23)  Ellen Gilchrist
LECTURE (poem, Issue 43)  Jalaine Halsall
LECTURE (poem, Issue 50)  B. D. Trail
LEFT (poem, Issue 53)  Mark Reynolds
LEFT BEHIND (poem, Issue 27)  Stephen Lupack
LELA, LEAVING (poem, Issue 34)  Florence Mayers
LENNY BRUCE (poem, Issue 46)  Seaborn Jones
LEO GONE 1922-2001 (poem, Issue 60)  Franz Douskey
LESBIANS (poem, Issue 11)  Thomas Shapcott
LESLIE SAYS (poem, Issue 32)  Dion Pincus
LESSON #2 (poem, Issue 59)  Ryan G. Van Cleave
LESSON OF THE POETRY (poem, Issue 46)  Norman Stock
LESTER SCRIT CONFESSES (poem, Issue 48)  Robert Cooperman
LET GO, GO WILDING (poem, Issue 43)  Thomas Rockwell
LET HIM BE! (poem, Issue 36)  Anne Katcher
LETTER (poem, Issue 36)  Victoria McCabe
LETTER FROM JAPAN (poem, Issue 52)  Ethan Gilsdorf
LETTER NO. 1 (poem, Issue 3)  Norman Rosten
LETTER NO. 1 (poem, Issue 26)  Norman Rosten
LETTER TO CELINE (poem, Issue 53)  Victoria McCabe
LETTER TO H. S. MAUBERLY (poem, Issue 14)  Jared Smith