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JACK (poem, Issue 52)  David Ray
JACK AND KATE (poem, Issue 55)  Anna Adams
JACK KEROUAC (poem, Issue 56)  Gerald Nicosia
JACK ROOSEVELT ROBINSON (poem, Issue 56)  Franz Douskey
JACK SHACK BLUES (poem, Issue 44)  Terrell Hunter
JACK THE RIPPER (poem, Issue 48)  Lyn Lifshin
JACK'S PIECE (poem, Issue 58)  Anna Adams
JACKSONVILLE BEACH (poem, Issue 3)  Ed Minus
JADE (poem, Issue 44)  Lucinda Mason
JAM CAKE (poem, Issue 23)  Vivian Shipley-Jokl
JAMAICA (poem, Issue 1)  Linda Krenis
JAMES DICKEY (poem, Issue 41)  Christopher Brown
James Dickey Memorial (memorial, Issue 57)  James Dickey
James Dickey Memorial (memorial, Issue 57)  William Packard
JAN PALACH'S PRAGUE (poem, Issue 12)  Miroslav Holub
JAPAN DARK (poem, Issue 63)  Shelley Stenhouse
Japanese Women Poets (essay, Issue 14)  Helena Moynihan
JARMAN SAID (poem, Issue 41)  Amiri Baraka
JEALOUSY (poem, Issue 47)  Mario Petaccia
JESSE'S BOY (poem, Issue 53)  Lyn Lifshin
JESUS FREAKS (poem, Issue 15)  James Lewisohn
JESUS WAS ALWAYS A GERMAN (poem, Issue 21)  Joyce Milton
JESUS, WHAT'S GOING ON? (poem, Issue 3)  Steven Rea
JEWELS (poem, Issue 60)  Mary de Rachewiltz
JILL (poem, Issue 61)  Gary Goude
JIM AND LINDA (poem, Issue 63)  Tony Gloeggler
JIM BOUTON: UNWRITING (poem, Issue 53)  Rodney Torreson
JIMMY BROWN GETS WORD (poem, Issue 35)  Lyn Lifshin
JIMMY BROWN WATCHING (poem, Issue 35)  Lyn Lifshin
JOAN (poem, Issue 14)  Carol Purdy
JOEY'S SONG (poem, Issue 57)  Alison Stone
JOGGING (poem, Issue 29)  Patrick Worth Gray
JOHN BERRYMAN (poem, Issue 11)  Stephen Stepanchev
JOHN GONE (poem, Issue 13)  Norman Rosten
John Tagliabue Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  John Tagliabue
John Tagliabue Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  Seth Cosimini
John Updike Memorial (memorial, Issue 65)  Hannah Colbert
John Updike Memorial (memorial, Issue 65)  John Updike
JOHN WAYNE (poem, Issue 27)  William Packard
JOIE DE VIVRE (poem, Issue 3)  Denise Levertov
JOINT CUSTODY (poem, Issue 56)  David Gelsanliter
JONAH (poem, Issue 40)  Anna Adams
JOURNEY (poem, Issue 37)  Lynda La Rocca
JOURNEY (poem, Issue 47)  Lynda La Rocca
JOURNEY TOWARD MY FATHER (poem, Issue 3)  Marcia Lee Masters
JOURNEYS (poem, Issue 45)  Colette Inez
JOY (poem, Issue 14)  M. L. Rosenthal
JOYCE (poem, Issue 43)  Karl Shapiro
JUBILEE (poem, Issue 15)  Lorenzo Thomas
JUDAS (poem, Issue 52)  John Smith
JUKEBOX JUNKIES (poem, Issue 36)  Alan Catlin
Julie Moulds Rybicki Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  Julie Moulds
Julie Moulds Rybicki Memorial (memorial, Issue 64)  Seth Cosimini
JURY DUTY (poem, Issue 47)  William Packard
JUST A SHORT NOTE (poem, Issue 24)  James McGlyn
JUST LIKE SISTER RAY SAID (poem, Issue 48)  Alison Stone
JUST US (poem, Issue 65)  Savonna Smith