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I ABHOR THESE EVENINGS (poem, Issue 4)  Robert Peters
I AM A BLACK (poem, Issue 51)  Gwendolyn Brooks
I AM A POET (poem, Issue 66)  Steve Henn
I AM CLIPPING (poem, Issue 54)  Roger Armbrust
I AM IN JAIL AND I AM HAPPY (poem, Issue 1)  Eli Siegel
I AM LIVING ALONE (poem, Issue 52)  Thomas Rockwell
I AM NO LONGER PASSIONATE (poem, Issue 61)  Denis Johnson
I AM RIDING (poem, Issue 29)  Dion Pincus
I ASK A PARDON FOR MY RAGE (poem, Issue 23)  Dorsha Hayes
I BEG TO DISAGREE (poem, Issue 43)   Antler
I BROUGHT THE WAR HOME (poem, Issue 49)  Bill Shields
I CAME INTO LIFE CAIN (poem, Issue 5)  Andrew Glaze
I CAN HEAR THE SOUND (poem, Issue 21)  Charles Bukowski
I CAN NOT FORGET (poem, Issue 46)  Lyn Lifshin
I CAN REMEMBER (poem, Issue 43)  Thomas Eisele
I CHASE MOON (poem, Issue 63)  Yu Yan Chen
I CUT MY FACE (poem, Issue 6)  Martin Koeppal
I DIG THIS GRAVE (poem, Issue 45)  Simon Perchik
I DIVORCE YOU (poem, Issue 45)  Ann Knox
I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A HOUSE (poem, Issue 39)  Macdonald Carey
I DON'T SAY (poem, Issue 46)  Robert Lax
I DREAM (poem, Issue 64)  Yu Yan Chen
I DREAMED ABOUT YOU (poem, Issue 34)  June Collins
I DREAMED ABOUT YOU (poem, Issue 48)  June Collins
I DREAMED I ACTED (poem, Issue 32)  Dan Sklar
I GO BECAUSE ALICE WALKER (poem, Issue 66)  Hilary Melton
I GOT A NEW BED (poem, Issue 50)  Mark Reynolds
I HAD TO PULL THE CAR OVER (poem, Issue 51)  Bill Shields
I HAVE SEEN (poem, Issue 10)  Susan Shawn
I HAVE TAKEN THE PLACE (poem, Issue 17)  Charles Bukowski
I JUDGE THE NATIONAL (poem, Issue 41)  William Packard
I JUST WANT TO ASK (poem, Issue 24)  Patricia Farewell
I JUST WANT TO ASK A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS (poem, Issue 26)  Patricia Farewell
I KEEP WAKING (poem, Issue 61)  Denis Johnson
I KNEW A WOMAN (poem, Issue 46)  Thomas Rockwell
I KNOW YOU DREAM (poem, Issue 25)  Carol Henrie
I LIVE AS IF (poem, Issue 25)  John Kay
I LOVE THE LOOK (poem, Issue 1)  Mary Jane Fortunato
I MAY NEVER TELL YOU... (poem, Issue 64)  Josefine Kals
I MEET THE FAMOUS POET (poem, Issue 33)  Charles Bukowski
I MET HIM ON DEATH ROW (poem, Issue 55)  Lyn Lifshin
I MUST HAVE KNOWN (poem, Issue 59)  William Packard
I MUST LOOK SAFE (poem, Issue 15)  Norman Stock
I MUST LOOK SAFE (poem, Issue 26)  Norman Stock
I NEVER LET THEM CALL IT (poem, Issue 24)  Brown Miller
I ONCE HAD A FRIEND (poem, Issue 54)  Jesse Weiner
I PAID $3.00 TO SEE BUKOWSKI (poem, Issue 21)  A. D. Winans
I PULL YOUR HAIR (poem, Issue 5)  Michael Cook
I REMEMBER AS A CHILD (poem, Issue 59)  William Packard
I RIDE YOU LIKE (poem, Issue 30)  Rita Chabot
I SHAVE IN THE DARK (poem, Issue 45)  John Couturier
I SHOULD HAVE BURNED THEM (poem, Issue 66)  Marge Piercy
I SOMETIMES WONDER (poem, Issue 16)  John Bennett
I SPENT THE NIGHT (poem, Issue 24)  Lola Haskins
I SWEAR I SEE SKULLS COMING (poem, Issue 65)  Mukoma Wa Ngugi
I THINK OF SNAILS (poem, Issue 37)  Charles Bukowski
I TOLD HER (poem, Issue 25)  James McGlyn
I TOLD MY OLD GREAT WINTER COAT (poem, Issue 44)  Anna Adams
I TOUCH A WOMAN (poem, Issue 42)  S. E. Hodes
I TYPED THIS ONE NAKED (poem, Issue 54)  Jill Barnes