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HAD I HAD HAD SHAKESPEARE (poem, Issue 45)  Samuel Maio
HADES (poem, Issue 63)  Sean Thomas Dougherty
HAIKU (poem, Issue 4)  Maryann Viollin
HAIR (poem, Issue 30)  Lyn Lifshin
HALF WAY (poem, Issue 64)  Elizabeth Swados
HALF-LIGHT (poem, Issue 56)  Christopher Brown
HALFTIME (poem, Issue 34)  Jack Ridl
HALLOWS (poem, Issue 65)  Scott Bailey
HAMLET TO HORATIO (poem, Issue 29)  Andrew Harvey
HANDS (poem, Issue 23)  Laurel Blossom
HANDS (poem, Issue 48)  Charles Bukowski
HANGING STONE CONNECTION (poem, Issue 10)  A. Fredric Franklyn
HANGMAN (poem, Issue 14)  Brian Swann
HANSEL LOSES THE PATH (poem, Issue 63)  Terri-Lei O'Malley
HAPPENSTANCE (poem, Issue 34)   Antler
HARD LEARNED TRUTH (poem, Issue 28)  Joseph Richey
HARDWARE (poem, Issue 60)  Candace Polson
HARSH WINTER (poem, Issue 62)  Jennifer Gresham
HAVE YOU EVER KISSED A PANTHER? (poem, Issue 7)  Charles Bukowski
HAVE YOU HAD ME (poem, Issue 48)  Carolyn Slapikas
HAVING COME THIS FAR (poem, Issue 45)  James Broughton
HAVING GONE TO GLORY (poem, Issue 52)  Colette Inez
HAVING TO DO WITH BIRTH (poem, Issue 19)  A. R. Ammons
HAVING TURNED SOBER OUT OF FEAR (poem, Issue 39)  Victoria McCabe
HAZARD (poem, Issue 23)  Bruce Bennett
HAZARDOUS TO MY HEALTH (poem, Issue 36)  B. D. Trail
HE CAME IN (poem, Issue 41)  Lyn Lifshin
HE HATED (poem, Issue 51)  David Gelsanliter
HE ONLY LOVES ME (poem, Issue 38)  Candy Graybill
HE SAID (poem, Issue 60)  Lyn Lifshin
HE SAID HE DREAMED OF (poem, Issue 33)  Lyn Lifshin
HE SAID HE WAS IN (poem, Issue 55)  Lyn Lifshin
HE SAID HE'D GONE (poem, Issue 33)  Lyn Lifshin
HE SAID IT WAS (poem, Issue 38)  Lyn Lifshin
HE SAID IT WAS OK (poem, Issue 37)  Lyn Lifshin
HE WROTE IN LONELY BLOOD (poem, Issue 10)  Charles Bukowski
HEAD SINNER (poem, Issue 19)  Ruth Herschberger
HEARING ABOUT IT (poem, Issue 36)  Lyn Lifshin
HEARING THE ECHO (poem, Issue 53)   Antler
HEARTH - poem and worksheet (worksheet, Issue 2)  Maxine Kumin
HEAVEN (poem, Issue 58)  Tony Gloeggler
HEAVY METAL (poem, Issue 57)  Carolyn Slapikas
HELEN (poem, Issue 8)  Peter Meinke
HELEN (poem, Issue 30)  Andrew Harvey
HELL IS ALWAYS NOW (poem, Issue 48)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO (poem, Issue 54)  Gary Goude
HELLO MR. PACKARD (poem, Issue 54)  Chris Mortenson
HELLO WM PACKARD (poem, Issue 27)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD (poem, Issue 36)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD (poem, Issue 42)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD (poem, Issue 49)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD (letter, Issue 54)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD 3-27-86 (poem, Issue 31)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM PACKARD 5-22-86 (poem, Issue 31)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM. PACKARD (poem, Issue 14)  Charles Bukowski
HELLO WM. PACKARD (poem, Issue 20)  Charles Bukowski
HELP (poem, Issue 49)  Victoria McCabe
HELP! SHE EXCLAIMED (poem, Issue 35)  Robert Peters
HELPLESS, WE GO (poem, Issue 23)  Leo Connellan
HEMINGWAY IN ITALY (poem, Issue 58)  J. G. Brister