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GAIL EXPLOITS LIVER PATÉ (poem, Issue 49)  Donna Reis
GALWAY (poem, Issue 47)  Harold Witt
GAMES (poem, Issue 29)  Joan Seliger Sidney
GAPS IN SUFFERING (poem, Issue 41)  Marc Olmsted
GARDEN (poem, Issue 25)  Franz Douskey
GELDINGS RESTORED (poem, Issue 45)  Will Inman
GENE OR EUGENE GREY OR GRAY (poem, Issue 53)  Nicolas Baert
GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT (poem, Issue 12)  David Martinson
GENERATION (poem, Issue 3)  Richard E. Albert
GENERATION (poem, Issue 22)  Ian Tarnman
GENESIS (poem, Issue 13)  William Mundell
GEOMITRIAS, 8 (poem, Issue 65)  Jesús  Munárriz
GEOMITRIES, 8 (poem, Issue 65)  Katherine M. Hedeen
GEOMITRIES, 8 (poem, Issue 65)  Víctor Rodríguez Núñez
GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS (poem, Issue 42)  Karl Shapiro
GERMANY THE THIRTIES (poem, Issue 34)  Lyn Lifshin
GERMANY THE THIRTIES FORTIES (poem, Issue 34)  Lyn Lifshin
GERTRUDE STEIN IN LOVE (poem, Issue 13)  Julia Aldrich
GETTING A BLACK EYE (poem, Issue 29)  Stephen Stepanchev
GETTING IT DOWN ON PAPER (poem, Issue 2)  Toby Olson
GETTING TOUGH (poem, Issue 20)  Dennis Bernstein
GETTING TOUGH (poem, Issue 26)  Dennis Bernstein
GETTING WELL ATTITUDE (poem, Issue 49)  Iam Rawkinrec
GHAZAL (DREAM(S)) (poem, Issue 66)  Mohammed Saad Ali
GHOST (poem, Issue 64)  Julie Moulds
GHOSTS OF THE HOUSE (poem, Issue 18)  William Meredith
GIFT (poem, Issue 31)  Stephen Stepanchev
GIFTED (poem, Issue 46)  Victoria McCabe
GIRAFFE (poem, Issue 12)  Steve Demorest
GIRL ON A TRAIN (poem, Issue 56)  Sandra Soli
GIRL SITTING (poem, Issue 4)  Robert Herz
GIRL TALK (poem, Issue 57)   Beck
GIRLS IN BOXES (poem, Issue 64)  Delisa Mulkey
GIUSEPPI THE BARBER (poem, Issue 32)  Walter McDonald
GLADIATOR (poem, Issue 25)  Andrew Harvey
GLASS (poem, Issue 20)  John Farrell
GLORIA'S STORIES (poem, Issue 65)  Jackie Sheeler
GLORY (poem, Issue 63)  F. D. Reeve
GLORY PIG (poem, Issue 43)  Emilie Glen
GLOSS ON A PASSAGE IN GENESIS (poem, Issue 23)  Miriam Flock
GLUTTONY (poem, Issue 27)  Joan Shapiro
GO AHEAD LAUGH ALL YOU WANT (poem, Issue 20)  Rita Valentino
GO OUT LIKE A REAL MAN (poem, Issue 51)  Robert W. Howington
GOD 32 MILES (poem, Issue 15)  Ron Adams
GOD AND THE HEART'S DESIRE (poem, Issue 21)  Helen Adam
GOD ENTERS THE WORLD (poem, Issue 62)  Jackie Sheeler
GOD IS IN THE TYPEWRITER (poem, Issue 59)  Nicole Blackman
GOD LOOK AT US (poem, Issue 44)  Carolyn Slapikas
God's Images (cover, Issue 21)  Marvin Hayes
GODIVA (poem, Issue 19)  Harold Witt
GODS (poem, Issue 23)  Peter Viereck
GOING OFF THE PILL (poem, Issue 55)  Amy Fusselman
GOING OUT (poem, Issue 34)  Patricia Farewell
GOING OUT (poem, Issue 41)  Charles Bukowski
GOMER (poem, Issue 46)  Jim Jensen
GOOD AND GREAT (poem, Issue 65)  Justin Scupine
GOOD BUSINESS (poem, Issue 34)  Charles Bukowski
GOOD EVENING (poem, Issue 16)  Rita Valentino
GOOD IN BED (poem, Issue 64)  Gerald Locklin
GOOD MORNING, BAD MORNING (poem, Issue 8)  Julio Marzan