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F?LINE (poem, Issue 9)  John Guenther
FABLE (poem, Issue 20)  Tamara Watson
FABLE REVISITED (poem, Issue 63)  Kristen Tracy
FACE ME (poem, Issue 62)  Amber Tamblyn
FACE OF THE PHOENIX (poem, Issue 35)  Jared Smith
FACE OFF (poem, Issue 63)  Amber Tamblyn
FACES AFTER THE ACCIDENT (poem, Issue 37)  Lyn Lifshin
FACES SING (poem, Issue 47)  Michael Lee Phillips
FACING A TREE (poem, Issue 62)  Matt Rasmussen
FACING POEMS (poem, Issue 15)  John Pauker
FACING THE SQUASHED GLOBE (poem, Issue 62)  Angelo Verga
FADING THINGS (poem, Issue 41)  Lewis Turco
FAITH (poem, Issue 61)  Tony Gloeggler
FALL AND WINTER (poem, Issue 27)  Donald Lev
FALL SEMESTER (poem, Issue 58)  Yoon Sik Kim
FALLEN ANGELS (poem, Issue 16)  Michael Niflis
FALLING (poem, Issue 29)  Patricia Farewell
FALLING IN LOVE (poem, Issue 45)  Michael Atkinson
FALLING NIGHT (poem, Issue 66)  Marcia Buffington
FALLOUT (poem, Issue 47)  Stephanie Dickinson
FAME (poem, Issue 27)  William Stafford
FAME (poem, Issue 55)  Charles Bukowski
FAME (poem, Issue 66)  Jim Daniels
FAMILY HISTORY (poem, Issue 42)  Ethan Gilsdorf
FAMOUS (poem, Issue 45)  Ethan Gilsdorf
FAN DANCE (poem, Issue 37)  Christy Sanford
FANTASY ON ONE NOTE (poem, Issue 6)  Rudolf Wittenberg
FAR IN (poem, Issue 39)  Rachel Loden
FAREWELL (poem, Issue 10)  Andre Sedriks
FARTING IN A RESTAURANT (poem, Issue 47)  Herb Kitson
FAT KATHY (poem, Issue 61)  Paul Hicks
FATHER (poem, Issue 62)  Janusz Czubakowski
FATHER McLAUGHLIN (poem, Issue 38)  Robert Cooperman
FATHER RESTING, WITH DAUGHER (poem, Issue 58)  Jacquelyn Gavron
FATHER-IN-WAITING (poem, Issue 66)  Bill Howell
FATHERS (poem, Issue 29)  Gamin Celery
FAULKNER AT WORK (poem, Issue 52)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
FAULKNER IN HOLLYWOOD (poem, Issue 52)  J. G. Brister
FAULKNER'S BEDROOM (poem, Issue 57)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
FEBRUARY THAW (poem, Issue 4)  Larry Rubin
FERN MAKES DINNER (poem, Issue 29)  Jon Davis
FEVER (poem, Issue 59)  Knute Skinner
FEVER-STRUCK, IN THE CAROLINA WOODS (poem, Issue 44)  William Baer, Jr.
FIANCEE (poem, Issue 13)  Christina Zawadiwsky
FICTION (poem, Issue 53)  Harold Witt
FIDDLE (poem, Issue 64)  Joel Allegretti
Field of Sun, collage (cover, Issue 13)  John Urbain
FIELD THROWING BIRDS (poem, Issue 47)  Donald Schenker
FIELDS II (poem, Issue 39)  Hale Chatfield
FIESTA (poem, Issue 45)  Donald Lev
FIFTH GRADE, SECOND PERIOD (poem, Issue 33)  Roberta Chester
FIGHT OR FLIGHT (poem, Issue 66)  Nancy Carol Moody
FILL 'ER UP (poem, Issue 51)  Jacquelyn Gavron
FILL 'ER UP (poem, Issue 56)  Jacquelyn Gavron
FINAL EXAM (poem, Issue 33)  David Lawson
FINAL EXAMINATION (poem, Issue 17)  Douglas Lawder
FINALE: A MANIFESTO (poem, Issue 66)  Elisavietta Ritchie
FINALLY, DAY OF THE FEMME (poem, Issue 48)  Leo Connellan
FINALLY, THE TRUTH (poem, Issue 52)  David James
FIND (poem, Issue 62)  Mark Bibbins