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E-LI, E-LI (poem, Issue 43)  Anna Adams
E. KATZ' COMMON SENSE (poem, Issue 29)  Eliot Katz
EACH WORD (poem, Issue 64)  Dorianne Laux
EARLY (poem, Issue 54)  Lyn Lifshin
Early cornstalks in field outside South Deerfield Massachusetts where Nipmuck Indians harassed settlers during King Phillip's War in the 1670's (cover, Issue 42)  William Packard
EARLY MORNING POEM (poem, Issue 64)  A. D. Winans
EARLY ONE TUESDAY MORNING (poem, Issue 37)  evvy garrett
EARLY ONSET (poem, Issue 61)  Tony Quagliano
EARLY SPRING SLEET (poem, Issue 62)  Yoon Sik Kim
EARLY WINTER (poem, Issue 66)  Steven Coughlin
EARRINGS (poem, Issue 49)  Charles Webb
EARTH CYCLES (poem, Issue 58)  Antonio de Nicolas
EAST FROM HERE (poem, Issue 1)  Barbara Holland
EASTER (poem, Issue 22)  Stephen Stepanchev
EASTER ISLAND POEM (poem, Issue 35)  Paul McRay
EASTER TURN (poem, Issue 62)  Fred Yannantuono
EATING OATMEAL (poem, Issue 54)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
EATING TAINTED FISH (poem, Issue 38)  Chris Connolly
ECHO'S BONES (poem, Issue 38)  Desmond Egan
ECLIPSE (poem, Issue 4)  Siv Cedering Fox
EDITH WHARTON (poem, Issue 31)  Nancy Shiffrin
EDITOR'S SALUTATIONS (poem, Issue 48)  Victoria McCabe
Editorial Notes (essay, Issue 59)  William Packard
EDOUARD SCHULTE (poem, Issue 35)  Robert Cooperman
EDUCATION (poem, Issue 30)  Charles Bukowski
EDUCATION (poem, Issue 53)  Ben Anderson
EDWIN COOMBS (poem, Issue 31)  Leo Connellan
EGGS (poem, Issue 3)  Ruth Whitman
EIGHT O'CLOCK (poem, Issue 21)  Harold Theisen
EIGHT, NINE, TEN (poem, Issue 20)  Sam Toperoff
EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY (poem, Issue 56)  Mimmo Iasiello
EITHER WAY, I'M CELEBRATING (poem, Issue 63)  Sommer Browning
ELEANOR AT THE OFFICE (poem, Issue 9)  Annie Dillard
ELECTION (poem, Issue 56)  Edmund Pennant
ELEGIES (poem, Issue 4)  Robin Henry
ELEGY (poem, Issue 14)  Armand Rumayor
ELEGY (poem, Issue 16)  Marcia Lee Masters
ELEGY AT THE REDONDO MARINA (poem, Issue 66)  Sally Molini
ELEGY FOR A POET (poem, Issue 47)  Carolyn Miller
ELEGY FOR EDDIE (poem, Issue 53)  Michael Benedikt
ELEGY FOR JEAN GARRIGUE (poem, Issue 17)  John Marberry
ELEGY FOR NERUDA (poem, Issue 18)  Tom Cuson
ELEGY FOR THE OTHER WOMAN (poem, Issue 23)  Elisavietta Ritchie
ELEGY FOR THE OTHER WOMAN (poem, Issue 26)  Elisavietta Ritchie
ELLEN'S HOSTILITY (poem, Issue 25)  Hastings Wyman Jr.
ELUSIVE TIME (poem, Issue 40)  James Laughlin
EMILIO (poem, Issue 44)  Tony Gloeggler
EMILY DICKINSON (poem, Issue 12)  Louis Ginsberg
EMILY SAID (poem, Issue 66)  Kris Bigalk
EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT (poem, Issue 51)  Evan Klein
EMOTIONAL NOMADS (poem, Issue 29)  Robert Miltner
EMPTY SPEECH (poem, Issue 18)  Anne Waldman
EMPTY THREAT (poem, Issue 20)  Herbert Waxman
EN ROUTE (poem, Issue 1)  Elizabeth Yazzetti
ENCOUNTER IN THE SQUARE (poem, Issue 53)  Colette Inez
ENIGMA #18 (poem, Issue 30)  Francis Sullivan
ENIGMA IN THE GARDEN (poem, Issue 31)  Rudolf Wittenberg
ENLIGHTENMENT (poem, Issue 48)  X. J. Kennedy
EPICS OF AMERICA CXLV (poem, Issue 22)  Frederic Will
EPÍLOGO (poem, Issue 63)  Víctor Rodríguez Núñez