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DACHAU STONE (poem, Issue 49)   Antler
DAD JOKES AROUND BEFORE DEFINING AIDS (poem, Issue 64)  Chip Livingston
DAD'S LAST WIFE (poem, Issue 66)  Jackie Sheeler
DADDY (poem, Issue 35)  Therese Becker
Daddy Hit Me, I Have a Black Eye, He's Drunk Again: The Use and Misuse of the Personal in Contemporary American Poetry (essay, Issue 54)  Alison Stone
DADDY WARBUCKS (poem, Issue 63)  Sanford Fraser
DADDY'S GIRL (poem, Issue 63)  Savonna Smith
DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL (poem, Issue 57)  Timothy Monaghan
DAFFODIL POEM (poem, Issue 6)  Gregory Orr
DAKOTA MORNING (poem, Issue 13)  Diane Raintree
DALLAS (poem, Issue 25)  Leo Romero
DAMN YOUR EYES (poem, Issue 6)  Michael Horovitz
DAMON'S WAY (poem, Issue 63)  Ted Jonathan
DANCE (poem, Issue 42)  Christy Sanford
DANCE OF THE SHY FAUN (poem, Issue 19)  Kenneth Pitchford
DANCING (poem, Issue 20)  Stephen Stepanchev
DANDELION (poem, Issue 15)  Claire McAllister
DANDELION (poem, Issue 49)  Lee Giesecke
DANGER / ROAD UNDER REPAIR (poem, Issue 39)  James Laughlin
DANNY (poem, Issue 58)  Malachi Black
Dante Alighieri, unknown sculptor (cover, Issue 35)  William Packard
DANTE FOR BEGINNERS (poem, Issue 36)  William Packard
DAPHNE AND APOLLO (poem, Issue 14)  Robert Phillips
DAPHNE AND APOLLO (poem, Issue 54)  Vivian Shipley-Jokl
DARK AND SPECKLED BOOT (poem, Issue 66)  Joshua Beckman
DARK RIVER (poem, Issue 63)  Enid Dame
DAUGHTER OF A MASS MURDERER (poem, Issue 49)  Lyn Lifshin
DAVE CALLED (poem, Issue 32)  Tony Gloeggler
Dave Church Memorial (memorial, Issue 65)  Dave Church
Dave Church Memorial (memorial, Issue 65)  George Held
DAVID JANSSEN (poem, Issue 60)  Douglas Treem
DAWN (poem, Issue 66)  P M F Johnson
DAY BY DAY (poem, Issue 61)  Bill Zavatsky
DAY OF RETRIBUTION (poem, Issue 30)  Elizabeth Raymond
DE LACU ALICIAE (translation by John Siman) (poem/translation, Issue 41)  Michael von Albrecht
DE TERRE (poem, Issue 47)  Thomas Rockwell
DEAD ASS (poem, Issue 66)  Michael Cirelli
DEAR CHET C. SMITH (poem, Issue 48)  Donna Lane
DEAR DR. MONEY (poem, Issue 38)  Tom Bryant
DEAR EDITOR (poem, Issue 27)  Charles Bukowski
DEAR EDITOR (poem, Issue 57)  Lolalee Walker
DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN (poem, Issue 7)  Irving Benig
DEAR JOHN (poem, Issue 53)  J. G. Brister
DEAR MARY (poem, Issue 14)  Dick Joslin
DEAR MR. BILL PACKARD (poem, Issue 37)  Patricia Farewell
DEAR MR. PACKARD (poem, Issue 23)  Carol Purdy
DEAR MR. PACKARD (poem, Issue 24)  Howard Winn
DEAR MR. PACKARD (poem, Issue 26)  Carol Purdy
DEAR NYQ (poem, Issue 58)  Gary Goude
DEAR SEYMOUR LIPOWITZ (poem, Issue 16)  Herbert Waxman
DEAREST WORKSHOP (poem, Issue 63)  Michael Cirelli
DEATH (poem, Issue 66)  Emanuel diPasquale
DEATH BED THOUGHTS ON THE WAY TO... (poem, Issue 62)  Franz Wright
DEATH BY GIRAFFE (poem, Issue 5)  Robert Hershon
DEATH BY TRAIN (poem, Issue 1)  Lawrence Locke
DEATH ENVY (poem, Issue 46)  Jeff Poniewaz
DEATH IN THE COOL EVENING (poem, Issue 15)  Frank Sanford
DEATH IS A GOOD THING (poem, Issue 54)  Charles Bukowski
DEATH IS THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY (poem, Issue 66)  Susan Scutti
DEATH OF A CLOWN (poem, Issue 61)  Daniel Connor