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C. I. B. (poem, Issue 27)  Albert Santoli
CACOPHONIES (poem, Issue 58)  Elisavietta Ritchie
CAL 'N ME (poem, Issue 66)  John Rosenmiller
CALENDRICAL (poem, Issue 65)  Fred Yannantuono
CALIFORNIA PATIO PARTY (poem, Issue 23)  Sarah Wilson
CALL OF THE WILD (poem, Issue 58)  Matt Buys
CAMDEN LINE AND THE INISH MÓR MIST (poem, Issue 62)  Neil McCarthy
CAMEL'S HUMP, VERMONT (poem, Issue 16)  Alan Feldman
CAMOUFLAGE (poem, Issue 54)  Patricia Covey
CAMPFIRE TALK (poem, Issue 32)   Antler
CAN YOU LOVE SOMEBODY (poem, Issue 47)  Jane Mayhall
CAN'T WE, PLEASE (poem, Issue 57)  W. Gregory Stewart
CAN'T WRITE A POEM (poem, Issue 58)   Antler
CANCER (poem, Issue 13)  Jon Beckman
CANCER (poem, Issue 63)  Gary Goude
CANTO FORTY-ONE (poem, Issue 33)  Carroll F. Terrell
CANTO V (poem, Issue 32)  Donald Lev
CANYONS (poem, Issue 21)  William Mundell
CAPE JAMES KENT (poem, Issue 29)  Robert Peters
CAPTAIN SCOTT'S GONE (poem, Issue 38)  Anna Adams
CAPTURED (poem, Issue 29)  Helen Adam
CARBONATE PRECIPITATION ON SAND (poem, Issue 61)  Justin Marks
CARDAMOM (poem, Issue 64)  Mookie Katigbak
Careerism (editorial, Issue 47)  William Packard
CARNEVALE ROMA (poem, Issue 32)  Lydia Heineman
CAROL (poem, Issue 3)  Paris Leary
CAROL (poem, Issue 52)  Stephanie Dickinson
CAROLE'S BOYFRIEND (poem, Issue 65)  Douglas Treem
Carroll Terrell (cover, Issue 33)  William Packard
Carroll Terrell (photo, Issue 33)  Carroll F. Terrell
CARUSO (poem, Issue 29)  James Lewisohn
CASANOVA (poem, Issue 49)  Thomas Rockwell
CASE NUMBER 876411 (poem, Issue 17)  Marc Tretin
CASSANDRA (poem, Issue 32)  Andrew Harvey
CASSANDRA (poem, Issue 57)  Elisavietta Ritchie
CASSANDRA (poem, Issue 60)  Nicole Blackman
CASSANOVA'S OLD AGE (poem, Issue 13)  George Tarnawsky
CASTLE/KINGDOM (poem, Issue 39)  Richard Kostelanetz
CASUALTY (poem, Issue 3)  William Stafford
CATERWAUL (poem, Issue 25)  Nixeon Civille Handy
CATHEDRAL (poem, Issue 56)  Gina Bergamino
CATHOLIC GIRL (poem, Issue 42)  Terry Ryan
CATS OF TOSSA (poem, Issue 22)  Daisy Aldan
CATTLE: MALAYSIA (poem, Issue 29)  Elisavietta Ritchie
CATULLUS REVISED: FRAGMENT 133 (poem, Issue 63)  Erik Leavitt
CAUGHT OFF THE METUCHEN (poem, Issue 60)  Emanuel diPasquale
CAVEAT EMPTOR (poem, Issue 46)  David Gilcrest
CEILING AND ALL, TIRESIAS (poem, Issue 18)  Eli Siegel
CELTIC CAVES (poem, Issue 66)  James Murphy
CENNINO CENNINI (poem, Issue 14)  John Tagliabue
CENTER MOON (poem, Issue 9)  Duane Niatum
CEREBRAL PALSY (poem, Issue 15)  James Lewisohn
CEREMONY (poem, Issue 29)  Lola Haskins
CHAIN POEM (poem, Issue 44)  William Packard
CHAINS (poem, Issue 3)  Gomer Rees
CHAMBER MUSIC (poem, Issue 51)  Michael Moriarty
CHAMBER MUSIC (poem, Issue 52)  Michael Moriarty
CHANCE MEETING (poem, Issue 35)  Catherine Brewton