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A BANNER OF SNAKE EYES (poem, Issue 49)  Charles Bukowski
A BIG BALL OF FOIL (poem, Issue 60)  Matthew Yeager
A Brief History of NYQ (essay, Issue 40)  Adriana Scopino
A BRIEF LAYMAN'S GUIDE (poem, Issue 49)  Franz Douskey
A BROTHER (poem, Issue 56)  Ann Keniston
A BULK ELEGY (poem, Issue 55)  Paul Trachtenberg
A CASUAL SPRING SONG (poem, Issue 18)  Toby Olson
A CATHOLIC SHREDDING (poem, Issue 42)  Macdonald Carey
A CENTURY OF SAND (poem, Issue 9)  Lucille Medwick
A CERTAIN IMPERMEABLE PERSON (poem, Issue 51)  James Laughlin
A CERTAIN LIKENESS (poem, Issue 54)  Jennifer Harris
A Challenge to American Poetry (essay, Issue 62)  Antonio de Nicolas
A CHIRSTMAS POEM (poem, Issue 29)  Kevin Pilkington
A CHOICE (poem, Issue 12)  Andrew Glaze
A CHOICE (poem, Issue 26)  Andrew Glaze
A CONSTANT PACE (poem, Issue 29)  Edward J. Rielly
A Conversation with Barney Rosset (interviewee, Issue 65)  Barney Rosset
A CONVERSATION WITH MY PARENTS (poem, Issue 13)  Elizabeth Klein
A CORRESPONDENCE (poem, Issue 66)  Jenna Le
A COUPLE STREETS AWAY (poem, Issue 59)  Rochelle Ratner
A COVERING LETTER (poem, Issue 47)  Charles Bukowski
A Coversation with Barney Rosset (interviewer, Issue 65)  Linda Tieber
A CULTIVATION OF GRIEF (poem, Issue 34)  Christopher Ide
A Cute Horsie (cover, Issue 36)  William Packard
A DANCE WITHOUT TOUCH (poem, Issue 5)  Daisy Aldan
A DAY AT THE GAS STATION (poem, Issue 57)  Matt Buys
A DAY IN THE LUXEMBOURG GARDENS (poem, Issue 1)  Jean Garrigue
A DIFFERENCE (poem, Issue 59)  Charles Bukowski
A DREAM TO MY DADDY (poem, Issue 18)  Marc Tretin
A DRINK OF WATER BEFORE I DIE (poem, Issue 65)  William Meyer, Jr.
A DRINK TO THAT (poem, Issue 25)  Charles Bukowski
A DUTY CALL (poem, Issue 32)  Stephen Stepanchev
A FAMILY QUESTION (poem, Issue 9)  Cynthia Macdonald
A FEMINIST CRITIQUE (poem, Issue 41)  Jeff Worley
A FINISH (poem, Issue 65)  Ira Joe Fisher
A FLAMIN' NEBULA UP MY ASSHOLE (poem, Issue 62)  William Meyer, Jr.
A FRAGMENT (poem, Issue 49)  Knute Skinner
A FURTHER TYRONE POWER CHRONICLE (poem, Issue 33)  Macdonald Carey
A GIFT (poem, Issue 25)  Barbara Ras
A GIRL TAKES A LINUX CLASS AT IBM (poem, Issue 64)  Carol Hattrup
A GOODBYE TO SPANDAU (poem, Issue 35)  Charles Bukowski
A HERON AT DAWN (poem, Issue 12)  D. K. Skiles
A HISTORY OF NURSING (poem, Issue 25)  Anne Webster
A KNOT (poem, Issue 15)  Elaine Barden
A LACK OF ATTENTION'S THE REMEDY (poem, Issue 66)  Tasia Marie Hane Devore
A LAUD FOR A BROTHER (poem, Issue 44)  James Broughton
A LEGAL, MORAL, MEDICAL (poem, Issue 45)  Victoria McCabe
A LETTER (poem, Issue 53)  Margaret Barbour Gilbert
A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (poem, Issue 49)  Yoon Sik Kim
A LITTLE NARRATION (poem, Issue 47)  Sheila Murphy
A LOT OF TALKING IN A LOT OF BEDS (poem, Issue 61)  Shelley Stenhouse
A LOVE POEM FOR VALENTINE'S DAY (poem, Issue 33)  Sylvester Pollet
A MATTER OF DEGREES (poem, Issue 62)  Jared Smith
A MEMORY OF LONDON (poem, Issue 53)  Michael Moriarty
A MEMORY OF WAR (poem, Issue 40)  Stephen Stepanchev
A MINNESOTA NORSEMAN (poem, Issue 46)  X. J. Kennedy
A MOMENT (poem, Issue 15)  Claire McAllister
A MOTHER VISITS (poem, Issue 24)  Ellen Gilchrist
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (poem, Issue 31)  Macdonald Carey