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The Tony Quagliano Poetry Fund is pleased to announce its biennial Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award--applications due December 1, 2017. This award honors Tony Quagliano’s contribution to the world of poetry. It recognizes an accomplished poet with an outstanding body of work. The poet must consistently strive for “cutting edge” and “avant-garde” innovation, which means experimental, innovative, “pushing the envelope” literature. Please visit

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Photo by Francis Haar


Tony Quagliano (1941-2007) has various works including poems in New York Quarterly, Harvard Review, Rolling Stone, New Directions, Yankee, Spring: The Journal of the E.E. Cummings Society and The Pushcart Prize, Visiting Wallace: Poems Inspired by the Life and work of Wallace Stevens and Poetrybay (, as well as in numerous Hawai'i literary journals. His books of poetry include: Language Drawn and Quartered, Fierce Meadows, Snail Mail Poems and pictographs. He edited the special Bukowski issue of Small Press Review which appeared in 1973. He    


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Poems/Articles/Artwork in NYQ

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Books in Print

Language Matters--Selected Poetry

New York Quarterly Books, 2012
240 Pages 


red moon press, 2008
24 Pages   

Snail Mail Poems

Tinfish Network, 2000
30 Pages   

Fierce Meadows

Petronium Press, 1978
30 Pages   

Language Drawn and Quartered

Ghost Dance Press, 1974
30 Pages   

Bukowski Special Edition, Editor--Small Press Review

Small Press Review, 1973
48 Pages