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Books in Print

I, Terrorist: Dispatches from the Front

Yossarian Universal, 2006
115 Pages   

Yossarian Universal 

The One Minute President (co-authored with Elio Ligi)

Stroessner Verlag/YU News Service/Uncommon Sense, 1984
88 Pages   
The One Minute President 

Commercial Break

Poor Souls Press, 1982
60 Pages   
Poor Souls Press 

Sinatra, Sinatra

Poor Souls Press/Scaramouche Books, 1982
8 Pages   

Between the Covers 

Stoogism Anthology

Scarecrow Books, 1977
111 Pages   

Scarecrow Books 

Beneath the Smoke Rings

Dithyramb Poetry Series, 1976
36 Pages   

YU News Service 

Cancer Quiz

Scarecrow Books, 1977
16 Pages   

Scarecrow Books