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Luke Johnson is the author of After the Ark (NYQ Books, 2011). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Beloit Poetry Journal, New England Review, The New York Quarterly, The Southern Review, Threepenny Review, and elsewhere. He has been featured on Poetry Daily and Verse Daily and has twice appeared in the Best New Poets anthology. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.    


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Publications in Other Periodicals

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The Difficulty of Sheep-HerdersThe Southern Review forthcoming
Existential Crisis after Lightning FireThe Southern Review forthcoming
Wedding Night, with ThunderQuarterly West forthcoming
Milepost Sixty-FourThe Journal forthcoming
If Man is Meant to FlyThe Collagist January 2012
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Books in Print

After the Ark

NYQ Books
84 Pages   
NYQ Books Site 

Best New Poets 2010

Samovar Press


Best New Poets 2008

University of Virginia Press, 2008
146 Pages