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Linda Lerner's A Dance Around the Cauldron, Lummox Press, 2017 is her most recent collection. She is the author of Takes Guts & Years Sometimes, and Yes, the Ducks Were Real, published by NYQ Books in 2011 & 2015. A chapbook of poems inspired by nursery rhymes illustrated by Donna Kerness, Ding Dong the Bell Pussy in the Well was published in Feb. 2014 by Lummox Press. She's previously published thirteen collections of poetry and twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In 1995 she and Andrew Gettler began Poets  on the Line, (http://    


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Poets on the Line

Poems/Articles/Artwork in NYQ

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Books in Print

Ding Dong the Bell

Lummox Press,2014
29 Pages   (Peek Inside)

Yes, the Ducks Were Real

NYQ Books, 2015
112 Pages   

A Dance Around the Cauldron

Lummox Press, 2017
29 Pages 

Takes Guts and Years Sometimes

NYQ Books, 2011
274pp Pages   (Peek Inside)
NYQ Books 

City Woman

March Street Press, 2006
45 pa Pages   

Living In Dangerous Times

Presa Press, 2007
51 pa Pages   

Presa Press 

Because You Can't I Will

Pudding House Publications,2005
35 Pages   

Pudding House 

Greatest Hits (1989--2002)

Pudding House Publications, 2002
32 Pages   

Pudding House Publications 

A Koan For Samsara

Ibbetson Street press, 2003
35 Pages   

Ibbetson Street Press 


Ye Olde font Shoppe, 1999
64 Pages   

New & Selected Poems

Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 1997
85 Pages   

She's Back

Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 1996
64 Pages   

City Girl

Vergin Press, 1990
32 Pages   

Something Is Burning In Brooklyn

Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books, '09
39 Pages   

No Earthly Sense Gets It Right

lummox Press, 2001(little Red Book #19
32 Pages   

The Bowery and Other Poems

March Street Press, 2004
28 Pages   

No Ones People

New Spirit Press 1992
17 Pages