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Hosho McCreesh is currently writing and painting in the gypsum and caliche badlands of the American Southwest. He has work appearing widely in print, audio, and online. Chapbooks available from Bottle of Smoke Press, sunnyoutside, Orange Alert Press, and Propaganda Press; broadsides available from 10pt Press, VAN GOGH'S OTHER DEATH (poem, p. 34, Issue 66) 

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Books in Print

A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

Artistically Declined Press, 2013
366 Pages   

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Something Random & Tragic to Set the Guts Aflame... (Expanded 3rd Edition)

Mary Celeste Press, 2013
88 Pages   

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Bottle of Smoke Press, 2010

Bottle of Smoke Press 

An Adamant, Unmitigated Hope Even Amidst the Doom...

Propaganda Press, 2010
92 Pages   

Propaganda Press 

4th Street Vagaries

Propaganda Press
64 Pages   

Propaganda Press 

Down This Crooked Road

Lummox Press, 2009
156 Pages   
Lummox Press 

Sunlight At Midnight, Darkness At Noon: The Cunningham/McCreesh Letters 2002

OA Press, May 25th, 2009
232 Pages   

Orange Alert Press 

For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed...

sunnyoutside, 2008
52 Pages   
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Marching Unabashed Into The Weeping, Searing Sun...

Bottle of Smoke Press, 2008
36 Pages   

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