Gerald Locklin


Gerald Locklin is now a Professor Emeritus of English at California State University, Long Beach, where he taught from 1965 through 2007. He is the author of over 125 books and chapbooks or poetry, fiction, and criticism, with over 3000 poems, stories, articles, reviews, and interviews published in periodicals. His most recent books and chapbooks include The Cezanne/Pissarro Poems and the forthcoming Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems, from World Parade Books; New Orleans, Chicago, and Points Elsewhere, from R)v Press; Wedlock Sunday and Other Poems (Liquid    


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Books in Print

Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems

World Parade Books
165 Pages   (Peek Inside)

World Parade Books 

The Cézanne/Pissarro Poems

World Parade Books, 2007
45 Pages   (Peek Inside)

World Parade Books 

Wedlock Sunday and Other Poems

Liquid Paper/Nerve Cowboy Press, 2007
44 Pages   

The San Antonio, Savannah, & Daytona Beach Poems

Pitchfork Poetry Press, 2007
31 Pages 

the ristorante godot

Bottle of Smoke Press, 2007
20 Pages   

Bottle of Smoke Press 

Thank You, Dave: A Brubeck Tribute

Zerx Press, 2007
19 Pages 

You Don’t Say

Ragged Edge Magsheet # 16, June, 2007
5 Pages 

Hemingway, Early and Late

Black Bile Press, 2007
12 Pages