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American poet Eric Greinke, b. 1948, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Vietnam Era. He has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University, in addition to undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology. Greinke has been active in the American small press since the late sixties. He has worked in the Michigan Poets In The Schools Program, taught Creative Writing at Grand Rapids City School, and was the editor and founder of GVSU’s national literary magazine <    


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Books in Print

Traveling Music

Presa Press, 2011
84 Pages   

Catching The Light - 12 Haiku Sequences

Cervena Barva Press,, 2009
36 Pages   (Peek Inside)

Kayak Lessons

Free Books, Inc.
20 Pages   

Wild Strawberries

Presa Press, 2008
96 Pages   

For The Living Dead

Free Books, Inc
28 Pages   

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Get It

Marymark Press, 2007
20 Pages   

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The Drunken Boat & Other Poems From the French of Arthur Rimbaud

Presa Press, 2007
108 Pages   

Up North

Presa Press, 2006
40 Pages   


The Third Voice - Notes on the Art of Poetic Collaboration

Presa Press, 2017
84 Pages   (Peek Inside)

The Potential Of Poetry

Presa Press, 2011
88 Pages   

Selected Poems 1972-2005

Presa Press, 2005
140 Pages   

Conversation Pieces - Selected Interviews

Presa Press, 2012
100 Pages   

All This Dark - 24 Tanka Sequences

Cervena Barva Press, 2012
36 Pages   

For The Living Dead - New & Selected Poems

Presa Press, 2014
160 Pages   

Poets In Review

Presa Press, 2016
124 Pages   

Zen Duende - Collaborative Poems (with Glenna Luschei)

Presa Press, 2016
64 Pages