E. M. Schorb

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Photo by Bill Giduz


A long term poet, in recent years E.M. Schorb has published several novels.  Paradise Square, his first, was awarded the Grand Prize for Fiction from the International eBook Award Foundation at the Frankfurt Book Fair.   Scenario for Scorsese was published soon after and A Portable Chaos followed, winning the    


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Books in Print

Time and Fevers
Eric Hoffer Award

Author House, 2004
284 Pages   

A Fable & Other Prose Poems

Cover Drawing by Author
Argonne House Press, 2002
68 Pages   

Murderer's Day
Verna Emery Poetry Award

Cover Drawing by Author
Purdue University Press, 1998
100 Pages   

50 Poems

Hill House New York, 1987
100 Pages   

The Poor Boy and Other Poems

Cover & Illustrations by Author
Dragon's Teeth Press, 1975
56 Pages