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Jayne Lyn Stahl

Publications in Other Periodicals

(If available, click the title of the work to go to the work or the periodical title to go to the periodical's main page.)

"To The Girl Who Has Everything"Echo 1968
"Walt Whitman's Fly"Audit 1973
"An Instant Message to My Muse"Abalone Moon Journal 2003
"Convolutions" The Hold March, 2004
"Courtroom Chrysanthemum" -- a chapbookPodium Press 1969
"Execution Day in July"Podium Magazine 1967
"Avant-Garden" Big Bridge 2008
"Last Time I Looked" The Hold 2003
"O melting pot, America!" The Hold 2004
"an impulse like salt"Poetry Magazine 2002
"a special breed"The Pedestal Magazine October, 2004
"to dine with friends"The Pedestal Magazine 2003
"Kingfish"Jack Magazine Spring, 2009
"interview with an angel"Jack Magazine 2006
"A Message from Jayne"Buffalo Spree 1972
"hotel Chelsea or the best way to say goodbye"The Niagra Review Winter 1975
"Fun City"Echo 1968
"Doxa"Podium January, 1969
"The Grand Inquisition"Podium January, 1969
"Courtroom Chrysanthemum"Podium January, 1969
"Artificial Insemination"Podium January, 1969
"Reverie"Podium January, 1969
"Written on the Niagra River for Paul who sold me for newness then left for parts unknown"Mouth June, 1972
"Past Tense""Mouth" June 1972
"Inheritance"Audit 1973
"Reverie"Audit 1973
"Inheritance"Audit 1973
"Sav Your Blues"Podium January, 1969
Je Me Trouve PerdueI.Bollettino Fuoricasa Poesia April, 2004
"two pigeons"Exterminating Angel 2006
"a fist of light"Ginosko Review 2007
"Blinder than Brooklyn"Political Affairs Magazine 2003
"in this city" A Man Overboard June, 2003
"how it starts" Poetry Magazine June, 2003
"White Light for Sally" Jack Magazine June, 2003
"On Waite Street" Jack Magazine June, 2003
"Managing Gravity"Lummox Journal July, 2004
"in this city" Poetry Magazine June, 2003
"fire escapes" Poetry Magazine autumn issue 2003
"between the cracks" Poetry Magazine autumn issue 2003
"Blind as Brooklyn" Poetry Magazine 2005
"Elegy for Democracy" Poetry Magazine Autumn issue, 2003
"The Russian Prince" Poetry Magazine Winter, 2003-2004
"for a soldier" Poetry Magazine Fall, 2003
"A Message From Jayne"Beatitude: 33 May, 1985
"The Crowning with Thorns"Beatitude: 33 May, 1985
"a bird" Jack Magazine 2006
"Comes Love" The Hold 2002
"only the grim reaper" The Hold 2001
"I'll Quit Smoking When"L.A. Woman January, 2000
"Passionata"LAST CALL: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski 2004
"in translation"City Lights Review: 2 1988
"for Jack" Big Bridge 2001
"U.S.A. Donuts"The Jacaranda Review 1990
"to be carried aboard"Oakland Out Loud May, 2007
"For Allen" Jack Magazine 2001
"Riding With Destiny"Sic: Vice & Verse 2000
"at the end of rage"Stiffest of the Corpse: City Lights Anthology 1989
"at the end of rage""Exquisite Corpse" 1989