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R. A. Allen

Publications in Other Periodicals

(If available, click the title of the work to go to the work or the periodical title to go to the periodical's main page.)

Two Proto-Modernist Epiphanies Silver Streams Journal December 2017
Jägermeister Picnic, Twister Come and Gone Chiron Review Winter 2017, issue #108
Macroeconomics Mobius: The Journal of Social Change December 2017, Vol. 28. No.4
The Parasites 1947 August 2017
The Locals and You & You White Ash Literary Magazine Winter 2017, Issue 7
Apologia Matador Review July 2017
Directions to Dallas The Penn Review June 2017
Intracoastal Flashback Noctua Review May 2017
Fine Dine Amaryllis [Poetry Swindon] September 7, 2017
Echolalia The Hollins Critic 2017
New Words for New Ways The Virginia Normal May 2017
Paper River Solidago Literary Journal December 2016
Sou'Memphis ER Amuse-Bouche [Lunch Ticket] Novermber 2016
By Reason of Insanity The Violet Hour October 2016
Punch List Melancholy Hyperbole October 2016
The Locals and You & You The Mackinac August 2016
Old Girl Gravel: A Literary Journal September 2016
Personal Disaster 1947 December 2015
Had I Known; Sou'Memphis 3; Too Clever by 1/3; Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review Fall 2015
O Mercaptan Peachfish Magazine Fall 2015
Muzak for Indigents Militant Thistles (UK) September 2015
Reciprocity; Two Proto-Modernist Epiphanies Poetry Pacific May 2016
Gate Money The Literary Commune #6 Fall 2015
How We Have Fun San Pedro River Review Fall 2015
Road Hazard Icebox #3 Spring 2015
Gulp pacificREVIEW "Vivarium Issue" May 2015
Rerunner Red Booth Review vol 11.2 April 2015
Office Casualties Gargoyle #64 2016
The Brain is an Aggregate of Several Parts Edison Literary Review September 2015
SouMemphis 2 Euphony Spring 2015
Anthropology in America Night Train April 2015
Gun Control.2 & The Quality of Laughter Gargoyle #62 Spring 2015
Cabin Fever Illumen Fall 2014
Disclaimer, Side Work Sonatina, Future Bright Writing Disorder October 2014
Travelogue for the Dispossessed The Avalon Literary Review Summer 2014
The Shirt The William & Mary Review September 2014
Maudit RHINO: The Poetry Journal May 2014
My Spreadsheet Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation May 2014
Early Times Pantheon Magazine April 2014
Steady Progress, Final Contracts, Fault & Effect Anterior Review Fall 2013
SouMemphis Blacktop Passages, Issue Zero June 2013
Scenes from a Cystoscopy JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association June 2013
Oldsmobile The Orange Room Review #38 April 2013
An Excerpt from the Transcript Vex Literary Journal November 2012
Honey Trap & My Mama millers pond Fall 2012
62 Moons Gargoyle #60 Summer 2013
Not So Easy Gargoyle #59 September 2012
Virga & Gazingstock Turbulence #10 August 2012
Voice Over Menda City Press Summer 2012
The Late Deceased The Waterhouse Review (UK) July 2012
On Car Theft The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly July 9, 2012
300,000,000 Volts Inwood Indiana June 2012
Disunion and Détente Marco Polo February 2012
Day of the Equinox Corvus (UK) February 2012
Gray Area Anobium Literary Magazine February 2012
Assignation Bar San Pedro River Review Fall 2011
Carping The Brooklyner August 2011
TAXI! Ante Review June 2011
Elmwood The Monarch Review June 2011
The Victoria Leigh, 1958 Triage May 2011
Vista with Player Killer Fiction Anthology Fall 2010
Vacillation Pike Dark Sky Magazine Fall 2010
Keepers Verdad Fall 2010
The Emerald Coast Best American Mystery Stories 2010 Fall 2010
Cancellation The Los Angeles Review Fall 2010
Monday Burning The Literary Review Summer 2010
Noise Barrier Islands Review August 2010
Poultry Procedural JMWW Summer 2010
Odysseus in Mexico Chicago Pulp Stories Summer 2010
Erosion Dark Sky Magazine May 2010
Nocturnal Admissions Moon Milk Review May 2010
Homes Away Underground Voices March 2010
Jump Cut Leaf Garden #8 March 2010
Reaping the Tourbillion Pear Noir! February 2010
Loyal Opposition Anastomoo (AU) December 2009
Cover Story LITnIMAGE Autumn 2009
Divinatrix Calliope #125 Fall 2009
The Emerald Coast The Literary Review Summer 2009
Man Hours Boston Literary Magazine June 2009
Compos Mentis The Recusant (UK) June 2009
Blacktop Pirene's Fountain May 2009
Justifiable Ecocide Kaleidotrope April 2009
Hearts In Exurbia PANK January 2009
Poolside ESC! Magazine v12.2 December 2008
Monday Burning The Barcelona Review #64 Fall 2008
Vista with Player (audio) Sniplits July 2008
Safe Passage Grim Graffiti V2.4 Summer 2008
Poolside Trillium Literary Journal Spring 2008
Closed Curve & That DayWord Riot April 2008
Safe Passage SinisterCity August 2007
Vista with Player The Cantaraville Journal April 2007