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Matt Morris

Publications in Other Periodicals

(If available, click the title of the work to go to the work or the periodical title to go to the periodical's main page.)

"Here's How" & "Metaphysics of Baseball" (print only) ABZ Review May 2006
"Blues for Breakfast" & others (print only) Blue Collar Review Fall 03, Summer 06
"Hole" & others (print only) Hunger Mountain Spring 06
"Part of the Problem" New Zoo Poetry Review Spring 2008
"Bunch of Junk About Chrome" & others Red Booth Review Issue 12
"Road Service" (print only) Runes: A Review of Poetry 2005
"Life of God" Segue Fall 06
"Spring Muzzle" & "Night at the Improve, C. 1600" Segue Spring 07
"Idle Days in the Lost City" & others Segue Fall 05
"Anywhere Like Home" & others Segue Spring 04
"House of the Dearly Departed" & "Loose Feathers" Stickman Review V2N2
"Washington Crossing the Delaware" Swink Taking Sides
"Ars Poetica" DMQ Review May 2005