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Cover Art

Cover Artwork/PhotographArtist/Photographer
Lavender Wheel (Issue 1) Alice Baber
Orginal NYQ Insignia (Issue 1) Willard Bond
Untitled, from collection of Dr. Malcolm Holms (Issue 2) Willard Bond
Paradise Lost, number 3 of series of 7 (Issue 3) Donald Jay Saff
PLANET, seriograph (Issue 4) Kenjiro Sasaka
Untitled, original painting for NYQ (Issue 5) Mark Wyler
'Untitled', design by Willard Bond (Issue 6) Blanche Duberstein
Untitled, poem by Eli Siegel (Issue 7) Willard Bond
Whitman Drawing (Issue 8)  Artini
Untitled, excerpts from five NYQ ethnic articles by Lucille Medwick (Issue 9)  Artini
And David Played the Harp, woodcut print (Issue 10) Fritz Eichenberg
Thanks for Staying, figures from Hurrah For Anything courtesy New Directions, design by John Urbain (Issue 11) Kenneth Patchen
Fool's House, oil on canvas, courtesy Leo Castelli Gallery (Issue 12) Jasper Johns
Field of Sun, collage (Issue 13) John Urbain
Dustpan, assemblage, photo by Al Karp, poems by William Blake and James Stephans (Issue 14) Gloria Gentile
Untitled (Issue 15) Joan Miro
Untitled, silk screen print (Issue 16) Pierre Clerk
York Type New York (Issue 17) Sy Lemler
Laotse, wood engraving (Issue 18) Fritz Eichenberg
Untitled (Issue 19) John Urbain
Birds (Issue 20) Mike Gorsciorsky
God's Images (Issue 21) Marvin Hayes
Untitled, woodcut (Issue 22) Carl Hecker
Untitled (Issue 23) Pierre Clerk
The Trojan Horse by Vincent Cavallaro (Issue 24) Vincent Cavallaro
Untitled (Issue 25) John Urbain
Untitled Photo (Issue 26) William Packard
Walt Whitman, Jo Davidson sculptor, statue at Bear Mountain Park NY (Issue 27) William Packard
Untitled Photo (Issue 28) William Packard
West Pier in Manhattan (Issue 29) William Packard
The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park Mahattan (Issue 30) William Packard
Audrey Shalom (Issue 31) William Packard
Path leading up to Round Top at the Northfield Schools in East Northfield, Massachusetts (Issue 32) William Packard
Carroll Terrell (Issue 33) William Packard
Dennis Bernstein (Issue 34) William Packard
Dante Alighieri, unknown sculptor (Issue 35) William Packard
A Cute Horsie (Issue 36) William Packard
NYQ staff member putting hand on rail to detect vibration of train in northwestern Massachusetts (Issue 37) William Packard
Alexander Ritchie (Issue 38) William Packard
Lincoln Memorial (Issue 39) William Packard
Mountain rivulet into Warwick Brook northwestern Massachusetts (Issue 41) William Packard
Early cornstalks in field outside South Deerfield Massachusetts where Nipmuck Indians harassed settlers during King Phillip's War in the 1670's (Issue 42) William Packard
Wading pool in Washington Square Park (Issue 43) William Packard
Moo cows stalled in a dairy barn somewhere in northern New England (Issue 44) William Packard
Robert Burns, unknown sculptor, located in Barre Vermont (Issue 45) William Packard
Exhausted NYQ staff member in tree after reading submissions (Issue 46) William Packard
NYQ kittycat looking bewildered at the loss of all high final things (Issue 47) William Packard
Deserted duck pond with a flag of bulrushes (Issue 48) William Packard
Contemporary Jongleur/Troubador sitting outside H. B. Studio in the West Village (Issue 49) William Packard
Throw of NYQ magazines (Issue 50) William Packard
Laotse, verso print of wood engraving (Issue 51) Fritz Eichenberg
Pat Farewell walking along roadway by Hudson River in western Westchester (Issue 52) William Packard
Warwick Brook beside Warwick Road in Warwick Massachusetts (Issue 53) William Packard
Steel rod of Monticelli-Spinelli device affixed to lower left leg of NYQ editor (Issue 54) William Packard
Nifty blue tent (Issue 55) William Packard
Model Linda Udd looking lovely after 6 hours of make-up (Issue 56) William Packard
Guadalupe Church and Dominican monastery on 14th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues during blinding snowstorm (Issue 57) William Packard
Deer shot by NYQ Editor in front of his apartment on 14th Street (Issue 58) William Packard
Photograph of William Packard (right) (Issue 59) Barbara Cramer
Untitled Photo (Issue 60) William Packard