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Founder and the editor of Raleigh Review, Greene teaches research, writing & inquiry, creative writing and public speaking at Louisburg College. Recent poems of his have been published in Great River Review, War Literature and the Arts, and others are forthcoming in New York Quarterly and in Herzattacke (Germany). A VCCA Fellow in May 2013, Greene was also a Weymouth Center Writer-in-Residence for May 2015. He holds degrees in microbiology with a minor in genetics (Bachelor of Science) and creative writing (MFA) both from NC State.


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Rob Greene / Raleigh Review / Box 6725 / Raleigh NC 27628 /

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Rob Greene has work forthcoming in NYQ

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From MoscowGreat River Review April/May 2013
Seattle Park At DuskSpoon River Poetry Winter/Spring 2010
Band of AidesWar, Literature & the Arts Vol. 21 (2009)
"In A Bar, You're Alone"Tar River Poetry Fall 2009
Behavioral Characterization in P311 Knockout MiceGenes Brain Behavior 10 July 2008
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Raleigh Review

Editor Rob Greene, 2012
80 Pages   

Raleigh Review 

Raleigh Review

Editor Rob Greene, 2013
80 Pages   

Raleigh Review 

Raleigh Review Winter / Spring 2014

Editor Rob Greene, 2014
68 Pages   

Raleigh Review