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M.P. Powers is the author of the novel Fortuna Berlin, and a poetry collection called Hallucinogenic Dragonfly Intermezzo. His poetry can also be found in Rosebud, Existere, Third Wednesday, Slipstream, Menacing Hedge, Chiron Review, The American Dissident, Main Street Rag, Underground Voices and many others. He was born in Aurora, Illinois, lived most of his life in various parts of Florida, and now resides in Berlin, Germany. 


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Jakob BoehmeChiron Review Spring 2015
2 PoemsSiren Feb 2015
5 PoemsMenacing Hedge Oct 2014
KarnivalA-Minor Magazine Sept 2014
DeconstructionNano Nostrovia! Feb 2013
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Books in Print

Hallucinogenic Dragonfly Intermezzo

116 Pages   

Fortuna Berlin

298 Pages