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Minnesota-born Vietnamese-American Jenna Le has a B.A. in mathematics and an M.D. She is the author of Six Rivers (NYQ Books, 2011) and A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora (forthcoming from Anchor & Plume Press, 2016). Her poetry, fiction, essays, criticism, and translations appear or are forthcoming in AGNI Online, Bellevue Literary Review, The Best of the Raintown Review, The Los Angeles Review, Massachusetts Review, The Village Voice, and elsewhere.    


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Six Rivers makes Poetry’s December 2014 Reading List!

the Southampton Review interview with Jenna Le

the Minneapolis Star Tribune review of Six Rivers: it “reminds us why poetry can be so exciting”

the Hyphen Magazine review of Six Rivers: it “dances between comedy and tragedy effortlessly,[ing] the livid and lyrical voice of Sylvia Plath’s ‘Daddy’”

the Melusine review of Six Rivers: “an accomplished debut collection,...exhibiting a rare natural ease with demanding forms”

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Books in Print

A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora

Anchor & Plume Press, 2016
84 Pages   

Anchor & Plume Press (link to the official publisher website) 

Six Rivers

New York Quarterly Books, 2011
80 Pages   
NYQ Books (link to the official publisher website)