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Anne-Marie Levine lives in New York City. She was born in Belgium and raised in Beverly Hills. She's a poet, scholar and visual artist who began to write while touring as a concert pianist. A founding board member at Poets House, she's the author of three books of poems: Euphorbia, Bus Ride to a Blue Movie, Oral History: a Monologue, and an artists book, Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter. She performs solo theater pieces based on her poems and has received a NYFA grant for poetry. Anne-Marie has published essays on Gertrude Stein's politics, and on art and trauma, and has r    


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Sample Poems from Bus Ride to a Blue Movie and Euphorbia


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Books in Print

reculer pour mieux sauter

artists book 2011
60 Pages   (Peek Inside)

Oral History: A Monologue

Pearl Editions, 2005
44 Pages   (Peek Inside)

Bus Ride to a Blue Movie

Pearl Editions, 2003
69 Pages   (Peek Inside)


Provincetown Arts Press, 1994, 1999
73 Pages