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Christine Herzer

Publications in Other Periodicals

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“Untitled (I miss you but I don’t want to keep feeling disappointed in you”.[ SOFT ] Anthology, miel books 2018
3 poemsHakara Journal (India) summer 2017
Language Room VI The Offending Adam 18/1/2016
recovery Fence winter 2016
Devotion 2003-2006 RHINO 2016
the moon is seen lying on a bed of snow Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3 2015
Recovery Aesthetica Magazine CREATIVE WRITING ANNUAL December 2014
AGAINST KNOWING Seymour Magazine 18 March 2014
from SCHNITTMENGEN Timber March 2014
Ripping off the storyEVERYDAY GENIUS September 2013
in 2003 i participated in a 10-day breathing workshop Columbia: A journal of literature and art Issue 51, May 2013
Red Questions (turn me on) VERTEBRAE Issue 2, Winter 2013
from the tree where I had been found: blue blossoms RAMPIKE [Canada] VOL.21/No.1 Poetics: Part One [Spring 2012]
5 poems 3:AM Magazine December 2011
THE GURU THE TAMPON THE SECRETGolden Sparrow Literary Review October 2011
The facial Drunken Boat September 2011
Science Fictions Inertia Issue 10, March 2011
Language RealPoetik January 30, 2011
Ich bin ihr gefolgtRealPoetik February 13, 2011
In French pain means breadRealPoetik January 23, 2011
Two poems Blackbox Manifold Issue 6, January 2011
Two poemsnether magazine [India] April 4, 2011 & Print #3/Fall 2011
other[waters]MOON MILK REVIEW ANTHOLOGY 2011 2011
it is safest and therefore recommendedBOO, A Journal of Terrific Things Issue 3
Six poemsBlazeVOX Fall 2010
CLOSERSpiral Orb Issue 2, October 2010
I WAS GIVEN A BONE TONIGHTUpstairs at Duroc (France) November 2010
MUSIC BOX IIInth position September 2010
i wanted to be a pirateh_ngm_n Chapbooks 2009
Context is importantMoon Milk Review Issue 7, August 2010
HANDICAPPED SPACES American Letters & Commentary Issue 21, April 2010
the smellelimae July 2010
Three Poems FENCE Fall/Winter 2009-10
Four poems Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2, Fall 2010
Who do WE have in common? Her Royal Majesty Issue 8, "Magic", June 2010
HAND-KNITS H_NGM_N Issue 9, November 2009
what makes you feel? Platform Magazine [India] August 2009
IF-CORRIDOR Wood Coin is art in the heart or does love lie apart from-Is
POEMIFICATION Wood Coin A Scratch and Dent Sale Issue
Liminal Open Letters Monthly April 2009
MOUTH STAMPS Fogged Clarity April 2009
robotic rageLouis Liard Magazine Issue 21, 2008
the lovers, world [excerpt]Upstairs at Duroc (France) Issue 9, 2008